Scott Disick & Khloe Kardashian Hooking Up For Years?

Oh no, Scott -- what have you done?! Kourtney was already devastated enough by reports that her man was sleeping with Kendall, and now, she's furious after finding out he's allegedly been hooking up with Khloe for YEARS, according to a new report! Sigh. Kourtney Kardashian, 36, really needs to put Scott Disick, 31, on a leash. His alleged hook ups with Khloe Kardashian, 30, have been going on for YEARS, InTouch Magazine claims -- and it may ruin the sisters' relationship!

Scott Disick Khloe Kardashian Hooking Up
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Scott Disick & Khloe Kardashian Hooking Up For Years Behind Kourtney’s Back?

It’s no secret that when Kourtney kicks Scott out of the house for his drinking, he runs to Khloe’s for a place to stay. But the two also share a deeper connection, and it’s led them to cross the line more than once over the last several years, InTouch reports.

“When they hooked up, [Khloe] was going through a tough time with Lamar [Odom] and Kourtney had kicked Scott out. One night, they bonded over their shared misery. They were drinking and one thing led to another,” the mag’s source claims.

But that was just the first time. While the trio were vacationing in the Hamptons last summer, Scott reportedly snuck into Khloe’s bedroom one night. And, on another occasion, Khloe visited “The Lord” in his hotel room after Kourtney, again, kicked him out, InTouch reports.

Scott Disick Admits Sleeping With Kylie & Khloe To Kourtney Kardahsian

But it wasn’t only Khloe that Scott strayed with — he also slept with Kylie over New Year’s, according to the magazine. “He spilled the beans to a buddy over Super Bowl weekend,” the source explains. WHOA!

And let’s not forget those allegations that he also had a romantic fling with Kendall Jenner, too!

While Kourtney is used to her man’s erratic behavior, she’s devastated that her sisters would turn on her, too. “She will never forgive her sisters completely,” the mag says. “Khloe was her best friend. So Kourtney might not talk to her for years.”

If this is all true, it might be time for Kourtney to REALLY kick Scott to the curb!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Khloe and Scott have really been hooking up for years?!

— Susan Johnson

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