Patrick Schwarzenegger ‘Isn’t Giving Up’ On Miley Cyrus: Constantly Calling & Texting

Patrick Schwarzenegger is still harboring feelings for Miley Cyrus, texting and calling her non-stop, a source tells But will she take him back? Take a hint? Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, is refusing to give up on Miley Cyrus, 22, attempting to contact the Wrecking Ball singer non-stop since their split, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. But unfortunately for Patrick, Miley has yet to take the bait!

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Miley Cyrus Relationship
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Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus Relationship: He Isn’t Giving Up On Her

“Despite the fact she’s completely ignoring him since they split, Patrick isn’t giving up on Miley,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He has been calling her and texting but to no avail because she never responds. Unfortunately he still wants her back.”

You have to admire how persistent Patrick is, but you’ve got to think that if he hadn’t put himself in a compromising position with a friend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on March 15, as well as partying up a storm with his ex, then these two would still be together!

Patrick returned from his Spring Break vacation with his tail between his legs and pleaded his innocence, but the writing was on the wall and in early April it was all over.

Since then, Miley was reportedly spotted enjoying dinner with former flame Liam Hemsworth at Soho House in Los Angeles on April 24, claimed the NY Daily News. “It looked like a date,” an onlooker told the newspaper.

Patrick Schwarzenegger On Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Texting: Calls Her a Hypocrite

As previously reported, Miley being on friendly terms with Liam wasn’t news to us. We exclusively revealed that Liam and Miley had been communicating during her 5-month relationship with Patrick behind the USC student’s back! Worst of all, he found out!

“Patrick feels like Miley is a huge hypocrite,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She made such a big deal about honesty and flipped out when she found out he was hanging out with his ex at Coachella, and it turns out she was doing the same thing with Liam!”

What d’you think HollywoodLifers? Should Patrick just give up the ghost?

— Jon Boon

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