One Direction: The Boys Are Sexy Dodgeball Players In Funny Sketch — Watch

Everyone knows they can sing, but did you know that the boys of One Direction are actually world class dodgeball players? Well, the cat's out of the bag in this hilarious new video! You'll never make it as a band if you don't first make it as a dodgeball team. Well, that's true according to James Corden, anyway. On the May 14 episode of The Late Late Show, the host felt it was finally time for the boys of One Direction to enter the league of great musicians and there's only one way to do that: dodgeball. Yup, along with James, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne all put on their short shorts and sweatbands to assemble Corden's Angels. Unfortunately, they had some stiff competition. Watch the most epic dodgeball battle of all time right now!

One Direction’s Dodgeball Match With James Corden

The Beatles were nothing until they won at dodgeball,” James tells the boys, psyching them up for what is without question the most important event of their lives. “The Rolling Stones were nothing until they won at dodgeball,” he adds.

Dressed in matching white and red uniforms, complete with striped knee socks and high top Converse, it’s very clear that they realize how high the stakes are.

“It definitely feels like the last five years of being in this band has all been preparation for this game,” Harry says. Definitely.

The Ball Busters

Though the guys are put through some serious training before the big match (we’re talking wheelbarrows here), they basically are in no way prepared for their competitors, The Ball Busters.

The game begins evenly, however, the boys quickly start to drop like flies. Harry, for starters, “takes one right in the styles,” if ya know what I mean, followed by Niall getting pummeled and falling to the ground (creating a convenient in for James to plant a kiss on him. We don’t blame you, James).

Who is the ultimate champion? Who goes home as big, fat losers? Watch the whole battle and see for yourself!

Would you want to play dodgeball with One Direction?

— Casey Mink

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