Justin Bieber Hooking Up With Both Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin In Love Triangle

Justin Bieber is NOT ready to settle down with just one girl. Luckily, he has two friends with benefits buddies, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin! HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on the trio's triangle! What Justin Bieber, 21, wants, Justin Bieber gets! Right now, he wants to be able to hook up with Kendall Jenner, 19, sometimes, and at other times with, Hailey Baldwin, 18. Lucky for him, the BFFs have no problem with that.

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Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner & Justin Bieber’s Triangle: He’s Hooking Up With Both Of Them

“The thing with Justin, Kendall and Hailey is that they’re all really good friends…they also just hook up sometimes,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “They’d both love to be exclusive with him, but he’s not looking for anything serious with either of them right now.”

Although the seemingly awkward triangle initially caused some friction between pals Kendall and Hailey, they’re completely over it now, and have reached an understanding about the status (or lack thereof) of their relationships with the Biebs.

“Feelings are just off limits. Justin is not down for any drama,” our source explains. “He likes these girls because they let him be whoever he wants to be with whoever he wants.”

Hey, whatever works, right?

Justin Bieber Still Thinks Selena Gomez Is The Only Girl He’d Marry — Sorry Kendall

One person who’s probably not so on-board with this set-up is Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez22. And even though he’s having fun with Kendall and Hailey right now, it’s the “Slow Down” singer who Justin really sees a serious future with.

“Justin always talks about Selena when the topic of marriage comes up,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He may hang out with a bunch of different girls like Kendall, Hailey and his Miami babes, but he has said not once, but often, that Selena is the only girl he’s ever been with who is marriage material. He wasn’t dissing the other girls, but he explained that he has a ‘soulmate’ relationship with Selena.”

Whoa, that’s intense! It’s so sweet that Justin still holds a torch for his first love, but we hope that if they do ever get back together, he puts his hot triangle with Kendall and Hailey behind him!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about the dynamic between Justin, Kendall and Hailey?

— Susan Johnson

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