‘Revenge’ Series Finale Recap: Emily & Victoria’s Final Showdown Ends In A Bloodbath

Amanda Clarke's journey of revenge finally came to a dramatic close on the May 10 series finale. And when showrunner Sunil Nayar said there would be AT LEAST two deaths in the final episode of 'Revenge,' he wasn't kidding. There. Was. So. Much. Blood. Thanks to one powerful preview, we knew that Amanda (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) would have one final showdown in the May 10 series finale of Revenge. But we had no idea it would end so violently. We were totally not ready for that.

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However, before we get to the fatal showdown, let’s start from the beginning. After finding out that Ben died, Amanda pleaded guilty to the murder of Victoria Grayson. Even though she knows that Victoria’s alive, Amanda knew that if she was transferred to a maximum security prison, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) would be able to sneak her out — and he did! A false fire alarm gave Amanda the privacy she needed to escape through an air shaft.

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Once back in the real world, Amanda and Jack (Nick Wechsler) headed to Mary Gaines’ house to see if they could find some clues pertaining to who killed Ben. Once inside, Amanda realized that Mary was actually Victoria’s mother, which we found out through a flashback of Victoria’s. So, Victoria actually used her mom’s dead corpse to fake her own death. (Morbid.) We also found out that Victoria’s mom tricked her into seducing her dad when she was a teen, meaning Patrick’s father is actually his grandfather. Anyway, Amanda also found some of Ben’s blood under the trim, above the wood floor. But since Amanda escaped from jail, and the police were searching for her, Nolan insisted she and Jack stay put for the time being. So what did they do? They totally had sex! After four seasons, Jack and Amanda finally did the deed.

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Unfortunately, their happiness was a bit short-lived. When Jack ran out for a bit, Amanda left to find dental records so she could prove Victoria faked her death. But when Jack returned, White Gold (Courtney Love) was inside, waiting for Amanda’s return. Since Jack got in her way, White Gold stuck her knife in his gut. Luckily, police quickly raided the place and rushed Jack to the hospital!

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This attack only infuriated Amanda more and while inside Jack’s hospital room, she vowed to kill Victoria — with Nolan’s blessing, of course. Amanda eventually made her way to Victoria’s hiding spot (with the help of Louise*), where they engaged in one final showdown. As Amanda raised her gun, Victoria warned her that the place was full of security cameras. Amanda didn’t seem to care, and went to pull the trigger anyway. But it wasn’t Amanda’s gun that shot Victoria in the stomach — it was David’s! Amanda’s dad came to the rescue at the very last second. Because of his cancer, he knew that he wouldn’t rot in jail for years to come. It felt like a great idea until Victoria found enough strength to pick up the gun on the floor and shoot Amanda before she died.

Luckily, Amanda survived. But Victoria didn’t and David went to jail. He did, however, get compassionate release so he could die peacefully at home, which he did. David took his final breath while sitting on his porch, chatting with Amanda.

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We then saw Emily and Charlotte visit David’s grave. As Amanda walked away, she passed Conrad’s, Daniel’s and Victoria’s graves as well. (So eery.) And in the series’ final moments, Amanda married Jack (he sweetly asked David for permission while in the hospital) and they literally sailed off into the sunset. But not before Amanda had a nightmare that the heart transplant she received, following the shooting, once belonged to Victoria. It also seemed like a flashback — so strange.

Also worth noting — after Nolan zapped White Gold with a taser gun, Margaux decided to turn herself into the police for everything she has done.

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*After attending her own funeral in a pitiful disguise, Victoria felt the need to tell Louise the truth about her faked death. Louise was shocked, but more so, she felt a bit betrayed. The extent of her feelings weren’t evident until she literally led Emily to Victoria’s doorstep. 

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