Selena Gomez: ‘Two-Faced Kendall Jenner Makes Her Skin Crawl’ — Source

Eek! Selena cannot forgive and forget after Kendall broke the girl code and hooked up with Justin Bieber. In fact, the thought of 'two-faced Kendall' just makes Selena's 'skin crawl', an insider reveals to EXCLUSIVELY. Yikes. Find out all the details! Guess there's really no chance for Selena Gomez, 22, and Kendall Jenner, 19, to rekindle their short-lived friendship. Selena avoided her former friend at the Met Ball on May 4, not able to put behind the fact that Kendall horribly betrayed her when she hooked up with Justin Bieber, 21, behind her back. Selena thinks that above anything, Kendall is super "two-faced."

Selena Gomez Kendall Jenner Friendship
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Selena Gomez & Kendall Jenner Friendship: Kendall Makes Selena’s ‘Skin Crawl’

“Selena says it makes her skin crawl just thinking about how two faced Kendall is. The whole situation is super twisted. Selena knows Kendall and Justin hooked up behind her back because one of his really close friends told her. Selena blames Justin because he was the one cheating but she thinks Kendall is just as bad because she lied about it and acted like her friend,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Yikes. We totally feel for Selena and understand where she’s coming from, but we can also imagine Kendall didn’t intend to hurt her. After new report claimed that Selena actually caught Kendall and Justin in the act together, we can imagine how Selena would feel completely betrayed.

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Selena tried to fool herself for a long time because she’s friends with so many of Kendall‘s friends,” our insider continues. “She didn’t want to make drama and make it awkward for everyone. Selena‘s embarrassed by how much drama there’s been because of her and Justin she knows people make fun of her for it so she tries really hard to downplay it.”

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Selena did a fantastic job of downplaying the drama at the Met Ball, when she avoided both Kendall and Justin. That actually made Justin’s heart weak for Sel as he shouted to cameras that he thought Selena looked gorgeous!

Kris Jenner Hugs Teary-Eyed Selena Gomez At Met Ball — Talking About Justin Bieber?

Selena may have played it cool in front of Kendall and Justin, but she did not hold back her emotions when talking to Kendall’s mom Kris Jenner! Selena was spotted having a teary conversation with the Kardashian matriarch at the Met Ball, which ended in an emotional hug. We wonder what they were talking about! Justin, perhaps?

Kendall Jenner & Justin Bieber Affair: How Selena Gomez Discovered The Cheating

Poor Selena. She discovered Kendall and Justin were hooking up through word of mouth, but refused to believe it, as EXCLUSIVELY told you.

“Kendall is super charming when she wants to be, and Selena got sucked in by her,” an insider told us. “Selena wanted to believe Kendall, so she did for a little while. But she knows they hooked up — a bunch of people have told her, and these are people that saw it go down with their own eyes.”

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Selena has a right to be mad at Kendall, or is her reasoning stupid? Tell us how you feel below!

— Susan Johnson

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