Zendaya: Her Hopes For The New ‘Fashion Police’

'K.C. Undercover' star Zendaya does not hold grudges. The Disney star, who was famously dissed by 'Fashion Police' host Giuliana Rancic, is too positive and WAY too busy for that. But she did reveal what she hopes will happen next to the infamous E! show. Click here to download the podcast and listen for free! You would think that Zendaya, 18, would have been in a panic when she stopped by the HollywoodLife.com podcast studio on April 21 -- she was about to host the 8th annual Radio Disney Music Awards on April 25, on top of shooting 29 episodes of K.C. Undercover.

Zendaya Fashion Police Diss
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Zendaya On ‘Fashion Police’ Diss: Her Hopes For The Show’s Next Season

For a young woman who juggles starring in a hit TV show, recording music, dancing and hosting, it’s not a surprise that she brings her positivity to the most shocking incident in her young career.

She tells HollywoodLife.com that she bears no ill will to either Giuliana Rancic, who commented on the Feb. 23 episode of Fashion Police, that Zendaya must have smelled like “patchouli oil” or “weed” simply because she wore dreadlocks on the Oscars red carpet, or the now-off-the-air show Fashion Police.

“If they are able to enlighten themselves and make it a better Fashion Police, then that’s positive and good. That’s what we want,” she told us in the podcast, about the show returning next Sept.

Zendaya has smartly moved on to prepping for her Radio Disney Music Awards hosting gig. “I am a little nervous,” she admits. However, she swears “it’s more about having fun and experiencing it”.

She plans to wear super comfortable looks to the show. “I want to be able to jump around and say hello to fans. I want to get down in the crowd without breaking an ankle!”

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Zendaya tells us that meeting her fans is one of her favorite things to do. She’s not one of those stars who hides from her followers in public. “I love being able to connect with them and just talk to them…I just treat all of them like they’re my friends,” she explains. “It’s always weird to me when people are like, ‘You’re so nice!’ because I’m like, well…shouldn’t I be?”

The K.C. Undercover star loves her role as a high school math genius who works with her parents, who are undercover spies. And off camera, life is imitating art: she’s finishing high school, which is not so easy when you’re also working full time. She has an on set teacher and has to fit in her schoolwork while also being on set from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or even 7:00 PM on some days.

Zendaya Is Totally Normal: She Loves Taylor Swift & Sleeping!

Now, think about this — she keeps to this tough schedule, shooting 29 episodes of K.C. Undercover. No wonder she’s obsessed with sleeping, especially on days off. She admits that she gets up at 6:25 AM to make it on set by 7 (talk about last minute) and a day off for her involves sleeping “as much as possible”.

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But there’s no complaining about her hard working life, even though she had to miss her school prom. “A lot of people get to go to the prom, but not a lot of people get to be on the Disney Channel, so I’ll take my odds,” she says in the podcast.

Zendaya also got to meet Taylor Swift. “She’s one of the sweetest people ever. Exactly how you think Taylor Swift would be is how Taylor Swift is,” she reveals.

As for her new album: she’s got Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Drake on her collaboration wish list.

We can’t wait. Tune into our HollywoodLife.com podcast by clicking to the left– or download it from iTunes and hear lots more scoop from Zendaya. You can also watch her host the Radio Disney Music Awards on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 8/7c on Disney Channel!

— Bonnie Fuller
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