Robert Pattinson’s Friends Dissing Kristen Stewart After Engagement To FKA Twigs?

Eek! Are Robert Pattinson's friends taking shots at Kristen Stewart now that he's found love with FKA twigs? Robert Pattinson, 28, could not be happier now that he and his girlfriend, FKA twigs, 27, are engaged to be married. However, one of Rob's friends seemed to be taking a dig at his infamous ex, Kristen Stewart, 25, when he captioned a recent photo on Instagram that has sent fans into a fit.

Robert Pattinson Friends Diss Kristen Stewart
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Robert Pattinson Friends  Diss Kristen Stewart On Instagram

Uh oh, RPattz, you’re in trouble! Well, at least your producer friend Mohammed Al Turki is.

“‘Never forget the friends that make you smile. Not that fake smile. But a wide pure true smile. They make you happy for a reason so hold on to that memory,'” Mo captioned a photo of himself sharing a fun moment with Rob and his fiancee, twigs, at the 2015 Coachella Music Festival.

Of course, fans of Rob’s ex, Kristen, took this as an insult aimed towards their idol.

The photo, which was posted on April 14, is relatively harmless — as is the caption. Unfortunately, Kristen’s fans do not see it that way at all. In fact, it seems as if they assume that Mo is throwing shade at Rob and Kristen’s former relationship by eluding to it being not real.

Many people have commented and accused Rob and twigs of having a fake relationship, and many others have called twigs some really horrible names. Yikes. That’s not cool, KStew fans!

Kristen’s Fans Slam Mo & twigs In Awful Comments

Here’s just a handful of comments being written on the photo, which already has over 1,200 likes.

“Well you know the only time Rob smiles at Twigs is when papz are around. You know got to keep up appearances for the fans so she will keep selling tickets to her shows,” wrote Christine Bailey.

“Robert Pattinson is now a stupid, ridiculous, he is very bad, very bad,” wrote a user named @andreafgj.

Thankfully, not everyone looking at the picture was thinking negatively when they commented.

“Have you seen the newest video of them dancing together at Coachella? I’ve never seen them so into each others before. And guess what? It wasn’t a paparazzi who snapped them,” wrote a user named @nadineajami96, who defended Rob and twigs’ romance.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Rob’s friend was throwing shade at Kristen, or do you think this photo and it’s caption were just harmless? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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