Madonna & Drake: The Real Reason He Looks Repulsed By Her Kiss

Was Drake totally grossed out by Madonna's surprise kiss at Coachella? The truth has finally been revealed... and it will DEFINITELY surprise you! Drake, 28, did not look very happy after Madonna, 56, laid a wet kiss on him during his performance at the 2015 Coachella Music Festival. Not only did he cringe after the kiss, he was caught on video immediately wiping his mouth clean -- but, believe it or not, his reaction had nothing to do with the kiss itself!

Drake’s Reaction To Madonna’s Kiss: Not Grossed Out?

So, what was up with Drake’s disgusted look after the legendary Madonna laid it on him? It was her lipstick!

Apparently, Madonna was wearing a nude/beige lipstick — or gloss — that wasn’t exactly tasty, sources close to Drake told TMZ. Although he reportedly “loved” their kiss, it was the transfer of her nasty lipstick/gloss that turned him off when it was over. Eek!

Madonna & Drake’s Coachella Kiss — Fans Create Hilarious Reaction Memes

This makes sense, because if you watch the video Drake is really into the kiss until the very, very end. Not only does he reach up and try to grab the back of Madonna’s head, when she pushes his hand away he gets even more excited and throws his fist in the air.

Drake Avoided Madonna At Coachella After-Party Following Awkward Kiss

It’s when Madonna pulls away from the kiss that Drake is left with the after taste from whatever makeup she was wearing and immediately tries to wipe it off. Poor guy!

Drake & Rihanna Looking Cozy Again At Coachella

It turns out that Madonna wasn’t the only one giving Drake some attention during his show.

On Monday, April 13, it was revealed that an eyewitness spotted the former couple together again during the Coachella festival. “Rihanna and Drake were spotted together this weekend at Coachella and our witnesses say they looked very ‘couple-ey’,” reported Vh1’s The Gossip Table.

Drake & Rihanna Back Together & Cozy At Coachella, Claims Eyewitness

Aww, does this mean they are back on — again? Time will definitely tell!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Drake was grossed out by Madonna’s kiss, or was it definitely just her lipstick? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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