‘Salem’ Spoilers: John & Mary At War, New Hookups, ‘Perverted’ Characters & More

Heathens! It's almost here -- Season 2 of 'Salem' kicks off April 5 on WGN America and believe us when we tell you, the premiere is in-credible! But it's only the beginning! We spoke to the cast to find out EXCLUSIVELY what will happen the rest of the season! There's only a few hours left until Salem returns for it's buzz-worthy second season and if you just can't stand the wait, we've got some EXCLUSIVE spoilers to get you through the last few moments of torture. We've got the scoop on some hot new characters, hot new hookups and exactly just how bad things will get for Mary Sibley, John Alden, and the rest of the witches of Salem! Check out the spoilers the cast shared with HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY about season 2!

‘Salem’: Season 2 Spoilers — Hope For John & Mary? New Hookups?

1.) Shane West: John Alden Loses His Hair — And His Love For Mary

“I’m going to try to take her down,” Shane West confessed when HollywoodLife.com met with the cast on the set of Salem in March. Fans will recall that Mary left John for dead to complete the Grand Rite in the season 1 finale. What John doesn’t know is that she did it all for their son — a son she thought to be dead and he never knew existed. So, how will John face seeing his witchy lover Mary again? Will he really take her down as he planned? “Who knows, Shane said. “I don’t know if Alden can necessarily, I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it once he finally sees her again. And once Alden finds out about their son I’m sure things get, change what he’s feeling dramatically.” Speaking of dramatic changes, John will also get a much-welcomed hair makeover at the start of the new season. His luscious locs will be gone for good — but Shane thought producers would take things even further! “I thought it was going to be shaved completely like bald to the skin type, but they wanted to make it a little more chopped and used a real knife and all sorts of fun stuff.” Very cool!

2.) Lucy Lawless: The Countess Is Ageless

“My character’s got the secret of eternal youth,” Lucy Lawless shared during our interview, of Countess Marburg, the latest addition to the cast of Salem’s witchy brood. Perhaps though, we weren’t supposed to exactly know that quite yet, as upon hearing the spoiler, Janet Montgomery quickly turned on her new nemesis.”Oh just give the game away Lucy! Great!” she exclaimed. Somehow, we feel like that isn’t the only secret the Countess is hiding…

3.) Janet Montgomery: Anne’s a Threat To Mary — More Than Mercy

Now that Anne knows she is a witch, she’s yet another powerful, yet uncontrollable magic-wielder in  Salem that Mary must contend with. But will Mary have more luck teaching Anne how to manage her powers than she had with Mercy?  I think she has to because Anne is more of a threat then Mercy will ever be,” Janet shared. “We don’t know Anne’s power, but she’s a blood witch.”

So, should fans expect Mary and Anne to be allies from the get-go Season 2? Decidedly — no. “I don’t think anyone should ever trust Mary,” Tazmin Merchant explains. “So, if she learns to trust Mary, she’s learned a bad lesson. Whatever power Anne might have, she doesn’t want it; she wants to live an upright honest life and I think that for her the struggle is really coming to terms with who she is this season.”

‘Salem’: Janet Montgomery & Lucy Lawless Tease ‘Intense’ New Magic— Will Mary Fly?

4.) Isaac & Mercy — Hooking Up?

Oh yes, you heard it here first! While speaking to Iddo Goldberg and Elise Eberle on the set — in Mercy’s bedroom no less — the pair let it slip that they could be cooking up some magic mayhem together — and then some. “I will say that us two may cross paths and its going to be pretty strange I think for everyone involved,” Iddo shared, sending Elise into a bit of a laugh. “Pretty?,” she asked him, before clarifying. “Uh, very!” We like “very” on Salem!

5.) Stuart Townsend: His Character Is “Perverted”

Or so says Janet, who will spend most of the first half of the season working with Stuart Townsend, as Mary begins conspiring (and falling for) Dr. Wainwright. But is he all he’s cracked up to be? “Wainwright is a very interesting character,” Janet teases. “I think from the first episode to where his character goes, you won’t see it coming. He’s much more interesting then what’s on the surface and slightly sort of perverted almost I would say.”

6.) The Return of A Character — From Beyond The Grave?

“There is a big surprise, but I feel like if I hint at what it is then you’ll know,” Janet teased. Then, with a little persuasion, she dropped one big spoiler:  “There is a return of a character — that’s all I am going to say!” That’s all you need to say! If a character is returning, we can only imagine they’re back from beyond the grave (only one person comes to mind who left Salem with her life intact.) So, who will be resurrected from the grave?? Anne’s parents? Increase Mathers? The Acolytes???

It all starts TONIGHT, with the season premiere of Salem on WGN America, at 10PM!

— Dina Sartore-Bodo

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