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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham: I’m Helping People With My Sex Toys

Let's just say that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is not the shy and retiring type. The star of 'Teen Mom OG' revealed the secrets of her new sex toys made from molds of her body parts, when she came in to do her HollywoodLife.com podcast interview. SOO interesting! You wouldn't peg Farrah Abraham, 23, as a sex toy model, but the original Teen Mom who's now starring in the series sequel, Teen Mom OG, is the proud purveyor of her own "adult" novelty toys made from molds of her very private parts, and she's not in the least bit shy about her new career.

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Toys
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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Sex Toys — They’re Helping People

In fact, she feels like she’s helping both men and women. “It’s the realest feeling thing on the market. I think it’s better for the world because men can control themselves. It’s safe sex,” she enthused in her HollywoodLife.com podcast interview.

As to how her sex toys are created, she explained: “They are molds straight from the one and only…it’s kind of like a science project — the paper mache you used when you were growing up — it’s how they make the toys.”

Okay, good to know.

Also good to know is that Farrah’s novelty toys have their female fans, too. “I get women thanking me for their significant other…I’m only trying to do it for the right reasons and it’s helping out others.”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is All Business

So does Farrah’s career, first as a Teen Mom, then as an adult movie star (which she declines to talk about) and as both a sex toy entrepreneur and an author of the adult trilogy titled Celebrity Sex Tape, make it hard for her to meet nice guys?

She says no, and talks enthusiastically about her new boyfriend of four months, Simon. She matter-of-factly states that she sent her “toys” to him because “he’s more educated to give me good feedback…and he loves them!”

When I say that Farrah is an entrepreneur, I’m very serious. She’s extremely focused on her “business career” and treats her commitments to her work in the adult industry very seriously, traveling to Las Vegas trade shows to promote her products.

She came to our HollywoodLife.com office in chic career attire: a shift dress, slim coat and black boots. And she doesn’t understand why her OG co-star Teen Moms mostly haven’t taken advantage of their fame and opportunities to leapfrog out of their “teen” lives.

Mainly, she doesn’t get why Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout have chosen to get pregnant again at such young ages; both are 23 years old. “I don’t feel like I should judge them but I wouldn’t make the choices that they have,” she explains, though she is impressed with the progress Amber Portwood, 24, has made. “She’s been working very hard at improving herself, like me. I’ve been working hard at improving. Maybe I don’t feel a connection to the other women because they’re backtracking and it’s hard to connect,” she says.

Farrah Abraham: Done With Plastic Surgery After Lip Implant Disaster

There is one way that she’s going to stop “improving” herself, at least for now — she’s done with plastic surgery,  after a disastrous experience attempting to get lip implants.

Her lips infamously blew up to duck beak proportions after an allergic reaction to her doctor’s numbing shot. A race to the emergency room, steroid shots and tablets have left her determined to stay away from future enhancements, including the butt implants that she had been researching. Glad to learn that, Farrah!

Now, to hear more about Farrah’s new life, her return to Teen Mom OG, and her life as a mom to daughter Sophia, 6, plus any plans for more children, click into our fun HollywoodLife.com podcast and listen!

— Bonnie Fuller