Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, & More: Hilarious April Fools Day Jokes Go Viral

Watch out, HollywoodLifers! It's April Fools Day, which means no one is safe from their favorite celebrities -- especially the fans! Taylor Swift, 24, spread a warning to all of her fans and friends on Twitter letting them know that April Fools Day was the day to hideout and "trust no one." She could not have been more right! From Justin Bieber's fans playing a hilarious prank him, to One Direction fans claiming that Harry Styles had been arrested, here are all of the BEST pranks from 2015!

April Fools Day 2015
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April Fools Day Pranks: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles & More

Oh, no! Was Harry Styles really arrested? On April 1, 2015, dozens of memes went viral on Twitter and other forms of social media allegedly showing Harry getting locked up. Of course, it was just one very clever April Fools Day prank started by his very own fans!

Even the hashtag “#harrygotarrested” was trending WORLDWIDE, proving just how powerful Directioners really can be!

Maybe they should have taken the advice offered from Harry’s infamous ex, Taylor Swift, who warned everyone to “trust no one” and declared she would be hiding in one of her cabinets for 24 hours. Smart girl!

Believe it or not, one of the best pranks played on April 1 was masterminded by Beliebers. Early that morning Justin’s fans changed their Twitter names and icons to match Scooter Braun‘s account, and then they all tweeted Justin claiming that his new album had leaked. Eek!

They, too, got a hashtag involved — #justinyouralbumleaked — that trended all over the globe. Impressive, no? Poor Justin must have totally freaked out!

More Pranks: Sam Smith, Catherine & Sean Lowe

However, it wasn’t all just album leaks, arrests, and hideouts. Sexual orientation was also in jeopardy!

“Guys I have some news… I’m straight,” openly gay musician Sam Smith tweeted on April Fools, sending his fans into a total tizzy.

Then, hot new boy band The Vamps decided to turn the tables and prank their dedicated fans.

“Guys, I hate saying this but unfortunately my wrist injury is preventing me from being part of the vamps for a while. I’m so sorry,” James McVey of the group tweeted out to his fans, leaving them devastated.

He kept the prank going by saying that he wished the other three members “the absolute best of luck with the second album” and declared that they would all remain friends. Oh, no — not another group break up so soon after One Direction!

But, of course, it was all just an elaborate prank. Er, well, at least we hope so!

And last but not least, let’s not forget how former Bachelorette couple Catherine and Sean Lowe dropped a bombshell: they are expecting!

Catherine shared that she was “17 weeks” along, sharing a picture of herself pressing her stomach up against a kitchen cabinet. Maybe they will name their baby April? Middle name Fools? Ha!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Which prank was YOUR favorite from April Fools Day 2015? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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