Tyler Baltierra: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Says He Was Sexually Abused As A 9-Year-Old

How horrific. In a new book he wrote with his longtime girlfriend, Catelynn Lowell, Tyler admits that he was sexually abused by his sister's older friend -- repeatedly -- when he was just 9 years old. Find out all the sad details here. When Tyler Baltierra, who's now 24, was just 9 years old, he was sexually abused by his sister's older friend. The Teen Mom star was asked to perform "sex act after sex act after sex act," he wrote in a new book with his longtime girlfriend, Catelynn Lowell. In "Conquering Chaos," Tyler reveals all the horrific details of the sexual abuse he endured as a child and how it has affected his life since then.

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Tyler Baltierra Sexually Abused As Kid: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Admits Details In New Book

“One day I went over to [the older girl’s house] with my sister and some other people, and for some reason or another, everyone else left but this older girl and me. For the next several hours, while we were alone together in her house, it was sex act after sex act after sex act. It went on all day. She had us doing everything she could think of, one thing after another. There’d be a break and then it would start up again. And when it was finally over, I didn’t know what the hell had happened,” Tyler wrote in his new book, according to the Daily Mail.

This horrific incident left Tyler wanting to have sex with girls his own age, but they were only 10 years old. And if they didn’t “put out,” he dumped them. But when Catelynn gave in to Tyler’s sexual desires, after 10 months of dating, they went all out – “banging in his mom’s trailer.”

“Once we’d done it once, we were doing it all the time! After waiting so long we turned into crazy, horny teenagers. It was so bad,” Catelynn said.

Tyler Baltierra & Catelynn Lowell Were Horny Teenagers

This only led to Tyler and Catelynn having unprotected sex, which led to an unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old — one which was documented on the first season of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

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It’s so sad that Tyler was sexually abused a child. No kid should ever have to go through that. But we’re sure that he will be helping a lot of other people, who have gone through similar situations, by telling his own story.

We can only imagine that it took a lot of courage for Tyler to share his story, so we applaud him for that. How do YOU feel, HollywoodLifers?

— Chris Rogers