Shanola Hampton’s Husband Hates Her ‘Shameless’ Sex Scenes – Listen

Watching your wife get naked with another man on TV must be hard -- Shanola Hampton, aka Veronica from 'Shameless,' revealed that her husband really hates her sex scenes on the show! During her podcast interview, Shanola Hampton told us all about her sexy, and downright weird, sex scenes with Steve Howie, who plays her partner Kevin on the show. Remember when she had a three some with her mom and Kevin on the show? Her reaction when she found out that story line was priceless -- listen to the podcast to find out!

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Shanola Hampton On ‘Shameless’ Sex Scenes With Steve Howie

We were dying to know how Shanola’s real life husband, Daren Dukes, handles her crazt sex scenes on the show. “That’s not his favorite part of my job,” she told us. “But what’s really great is Steve Howie (Kevin) and I, we’re very close, I’m very close with his wife, he’s very close with my husband. We all get along very well. It would be different if he weren’t so respectful, and Steve takes care of me.”

“Kev and Veronica’s scenes are more comical than they are that passionate…,” which she explained makes it easier.

“[Daren] doesn’t like the touching part of it. Not only is he never on set, he doesn’t want to know the days I’m shooting those scenes. He’d rather not know.”

That totally makes sense, I mean, that would be so awkward right? Hey honey, going to shoot a sex scene today, have a good day! But, it’s on TV all the time, does Daren ever see the scenes on TV?

Shanola said he has but “he has walked out of the room and been like “this is too much”. He really was not feeling when we were doing the threesome thing. He really was like, okay, this is just too much.”

Threesome With Mother Story Line — Too Much For Shanola?

Speaking of that infamous scene, Shanola described her reaction when she found out what her character would be doing…with her own mother!

“I threw up in my mouth a little bit,” she said. “I did not know how it was going to play out. I really, really didn’t know how the audience was going to respond to it. But what I will pat myself on the back along with Steve is we found a way to make it humorous. Not everyone has the money to have a surrogate or do these treatments. It wasn’t the most fun.”

HollywoodLifers, don’t forget to listen to the podcast — trust us, it’s really great! She even talks about one of our favorite ships on the show — Gallavich!

— Shira Benozilio 

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