‘Better Call Saul’: Will Saul Goodman Go From Mr. Rogers To Scarface?

Who you gonna call? Saul Goodman! The wait is just about over for AMC's highly anticipated series 'Better Call Saul' and, ahead of the Feb. 8 premiere, we got some EXCLUSIVE scoop on what we can expect from the new show! It's been over a year since Breaking Bad went off the air, and we were just starting to get over those meth lab stress dreams about Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jessie (Aaron Paul). That's all about to change, though, when the (sort of) spin off series Better Call Saul premieres on AMC. The drama will have its two night premiere beginning on Feb. 8 and, to prepare, we chatted EXCLUSIVELY with series star Bob Odenkirk and creator Vince Gilligan about what we can expect for Saul's (Bob) journey.

Better Call Saul Premiere Interview
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‘Better Call Saul’: Vince Gilligan Will ‘Let The Story Unfold’

Has so much expectation ever surrounded a single show?

Better Call Saul has both the blessing and the curse of stemming from very well known source material, but that doesn’t mean the series will follow Breaking Bad‘s precedent.

“What I’ve learned from Breaking Bad is that you gotta roll with the punches,” said the creator of both series, Vince Gilligan, who has publicly stated that he knew from the start of BB that Walt would go “from Mr. Rogers to Scarface” during the show’s tenure. “Let the story unfold and take it where it needs to take you, and not vice versa.”

Okay, so Vince won’t follow the Walter White model with Saul exactly, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t drawing from his previous series in other ways.

As far as researching, Vince said, “we’re in the process now of cutting together every bit of footage [from Breaking Bad] in which Saul appeared and then we’re just going to sit down and watch it. Where ‘he says this, and he talks about being married here, and blah blah..’ I’ll admit–we should have done this a  year ago!”

Well, better late than never!

Familiar Faces

Fans of Breaking Bad will have a lot to love, but they shouldn’t expect the same show. “I’m a fan of Breaking Bad and we have a new show and if you like the things that made up Breaking Bad, the tension, the drama, the blood the fear, come join us,” series star Bob sarcastically shared with us.

However, fans of the former series can expect to see at least one similarity between the two. “Mike (Jonathan Banks) comes back and he’s so fun with Saul,” Bob said. “They’re like idiot Laurel and Hardy, who are dangerous. Laurel and Hardy with guns or something.”

We can get on board with that!

Are you ready for Better Call Saul?

— Casey Mink with reporting by Russ Weakland

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