Brittny Gastineau: How I Upset Kim Kardashian At Her Wedding

Former reality star and BFF to Kim Kardashian, Brittny Gastineau stopped by our HollywoodLife podcast, Jan. 22, and she said that Kim made her promise not to do ONE thing and she did it anyway and totally got caught! Brittny Gastineau is one busy lady. When she's not flying to hot parties all over the world, making cameos on KUWTK and being the best friend to the most famous woman in the world, she's blogging for her website,! As we got to talking to the gorgeous 5'10" beauty, during our HollywoodLife podcast, we talked about how she was one of the select few chosen to attend Kim Kardashian's uber-private European wedding, she says that she got in some major trouble before the weekend really even got started!

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Brittny Gastineau Reveals: How I Upset Kim Kardashian At Her Wedding

Picture this: Brittny looking stunning outside of Versailles for Kim and Kanye West‘s wedding rehearsal and she’s doing the one thing Kim said not to do — taking pics!

HollywoodLife Podcast: Victoria Justice, Christina Milian & Brittny Gastineau

“It’s so funny the most embarrassing moment was going into the party at Versailles. Me and Mario, her makeup artist, we were taking a selfie and we see a Porshe, Kanye’s Porshe and we are like ‘no, that can’t be him pulling up behind,’ because obviously we are not allowed to take photos. We see the Porshe coming back and we are like ‘oh my god that’s not them!’ Then we see them get out and we are like ‘oh my God, how embarrassing,’ caught in the act literally! Kim was like ‘No photos!’ [and did the cut it out gesture]. I was like ‘sorry!'”

Can you imagine that happening? We would just die! But it sounds like Brittny learned her lesson and the rest of the weekend was spectacular. But come on, Kim just published a book entirely made up of her own selfies, called Selfish! If anyone gets it, it’s Kim!

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Brittny also tells us that the second best thing to being Kim’s bestie is getting to see North West‘s amazing shoe collection!

“Oh my gosh, North’s closet is amazing! Her shoe collection is on another level. Kim is so organized and color coordinated and you go in there and it’s a dream.”

We are so jealous! We asked Britt to describe Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian‘s style and we totally agree with her.

“Kourtney definitely is more hippy-ish, vintage,” she said. “Khloe definitely is more risky, wearing the thigh high boots and Kim definitely now is … Kim is just perfection. Everything has to be on point, color coordinated. She is super, uber-fashionable.”

The best part is she dishes on Kim’s closet and says that Kim has everything color coordinated from her shoes, dresses to even her purses!

“She is the most organized person I have ever met in my life!” she said. “When I first started, I took a peak into her closet and everything was from all of her handbags were all color coordinated from Hermes and all of her Birkins … were all lined up and all of her shoes were all black and she’d have all of her tan shoes, she would have a closet for her dresses. Everything was definitely organized, trench coats, everything was perfectly done!”

HollywoodLifers, would you have taken a selfie at Kim’s wedding too?

— Chloe Melas

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