‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Calls His Wives ‘Crazy’ For PMSing

Get out your hankies for Kody. The infamous polygamist threatens to walk away from his four wives if they keep PMSing because he's sick of thinking there's 'something wrong with me.' If Kody Brown can't handle the heat of dealing with the "demon" that comes to visit he and his wives monthly, than maybe he shouldn't have kept tying the knot.

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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Flips Out Over PMSing Wives

The polygamist and dad of seventeen, was venting to another polygamist family — The Colliers of Billings Montana — that the Browns visit in this episode.

Kody is so relieved to finally have a fellow polyg husband to bond with since his non polyg buddies think he’s nuts, that he really lets loose on his wives.

He’s furious with wife #3, Christine, for being a huge Debbie downer, because she’s pissed with Kody’s old high school friend, Ken, for telling Kody that polygamy is “stupid.”

Mr. Sensitivity, Kody, wanted to invite Ken to join the Brown caravan to Billings — though God knows why a man who thinks polygamy “makes no sense” would agree to visit more polygamists?!

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Anyway Christine wants Ken x-nayed from the trip and she’s created “psychic tension” with Kody, who flips out and accuses her of having an epic case of PMS.

“From now on when you’re acting like this, I’m just going to walk away,” he threatens. “I’m not going to have you rattle me to my core.”

Sadly, Christine just takes Kody’s pile-on and agrees that she gets “insane” once a month.

But Kody doesn’t stop with his PMS obsession.

In his discussions with the Billings, he accuses all of his menstruating wives of having demonic monthly episodes, but “I don’t mean to be chauvinistic,” he declares after being totally chauvinistic. He even accuses his wives of making him feel like there’s something wrong with him when they’re out of sorts, even though he’s such a good guy

Nathan Billings gets right in on the wife bashing action. he claims he has “hell week” when both his wives — Vicki and Christine, have their PMS dates.

Finally Janelle — wonderful strong Janelle, who I still don’t get why she’s a willing polygamist — speaks up about the nonsense and then walks out.

“It frustrates me beyond belief when we’re reduced to our biology,” she points out — thank God. “There’s so much more going on with women than their biology and men are so quick to go, ‘three days a month I don’t have to do anything because she’s on her cycle’ — what the hell!”

Well said Janelle! I loved it when you got so disgusted with the demeaning conversation, that you walked out of the restaurant where all the wives and their two husbands were having dinner.

Kody Continues To verbally Slam His Wives

But Kody’s wife slamming wasn’t done.

He insisted that he felt “abused” by his crazy wives and shockingly revealed to Nathan, that he has no responsibility for his wives feeling jealous of each other, or feeling emotionally needy.

“I’m of the opinion that my wives need to be responsible for their emotional state — I can’t own the whole thing — I can’t deal with it,” he insisted.

Kind of makes you wonder what Kody does feel responsible for when it comes to his four wives, if he’s not involved with them emotionally.

Nathan, 45, has a more enlightened view about wives Christine and Vicki, who he lured into polygamy even though neither came from Mormon or polygamist backgrounds. In fact, Vicki was a Catholic.

“Neither of my wives set out to be polygamist, so if anything goes wrong… it’s 100% my fault. I haven’t given her something she’s needed and I need to step it up with her,” explains Nathan.

Thank you for stepping up, Nathan.

Nathan claims he’s a polygamist by “happenstance.” He just happened to meet Christine and Vicki within a week of each other and “I could not, would not chose between the two of them.”

Boy, Nathan could really help a lot of stars resolve their love triangle situations — don’t chose, have both women.

Hear that Justin — you can love and “marry” both Selena and Hailey.

Nathan convinced Vicki and Christine that he was their “One,” which does have to make you think, there really is a HUGE man shortage in America.

After some ups and downs, they are now happy, have eight children between them and are “courting” a third wife, who is one of Vicki’s best friends.

Now, why these two women are enthused about sharing Nathan with a third wife is never fully explained.

“It’s a sacrifice to share my husband, but the reason we want to do it is because we want to share our family,” attempts Vicki.

“Share their family?” Are you wondering like I am, why you need to “share” your family?

How is THAT supposed to enhance your marriage? It’s a head scratcher.

Basically — in five seasons of Sister Wives — it’s still not clear why polygamy is a higher calling for the Browns, and now — the Colliers.

Extra help with child care duties and or babysitting, really doesn’t seem to be a strong enough reason to share your husband with multiple wives.

Even though Nathan insists that it isn’t about the sex — “At 45, I probably could use less sex,” you have to wonder, why else he and Kody want to multiply their bed hopping.

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Are Kody and Nathan truly into polygamy for sex or religion? Let me know.

— Brittany King 
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