Ian Ziering Confirms ‘90210’ Cast Chanted ‘Donna Martin Masturbates’

It's never too late for some '90210' gossip! Ian Ziering, who starred on 'Beverly Hills 90210' all those years ago, has just divulged some hilarious--and scandalous-- stories from his days on the show and what he said might shock you! Is anyone ever going to get over Beverly Hills 90210? Didn't think so! Luckily, to this day there isn't any shortage of drama when it comes to the series and its formers stars. While visiting a radio talk show, Ian Ziering, 50, who played the infamous Steve Sanders on the high school drama, shared a few 90210 memories, and they are pretty juicy!

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Ian Ziering Donna Marting Masturbates Chant
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Ian Ziering Confirms ‘Donna Martin Masturbates’ Chant On ‘90210’

It’s been a big few days for Ian Ziering. Not only is he still in the running on the current season of Celebrity Apprentice, but the 90s heartthrob was just confirmed to reprise his role in the upcoming Sharknado 3. Now, Ian is making headlines again by divulging some 90210 drama!

We all remember that infamous episode when Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) finally graduates from high school. Now, Ian confirms what you might have already been thinking! “‘Donna Martin masturbates’ is what we were saying on that day,” Ian told Elvis Duran. “The director was kind of upset with us,” he added, “but we wouldn’t say it right.”

On Set Drama

Ian also shared details about some drama between his costars Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley. “Early on in the filming, no one knew how old Jason Priestley was and he wouldn’t tell anybody his age; he was keeping that a secret…Shannon [Doherty] comes to set and says, ‘Haha! I know how old you are, you’re 21 years old!’ And Jason said, ‘How do you know that?’ She said, ‘Well I went into your dressing room and I went into your wallet and looked at your license!’”

Uh oh! Ian revealed that Jason was livid and actually “grabbed her and said, ‘If you ever go into my dressing room again, I swear to God!’”

Sounds like there was just as much drama off screen as there was on screen!

Do you guys miss 90210 as much as we do?

— Casey Mink