Bruce Jenner: Tired Of Being Trapped In A Man’s Body – Report

Bruce Jenner is finally ready to come forward and address his transition to becoming female, according to a new report. More than anything, he wants people to understand his struggle of feeling trapped in a mans body. He's got the approval of his daughters and now all he want's is the world's approval -- Bruce Jenner, 65, would like openly talk about his transition. Find out what he is worried about most.

Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman
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Bruce Jenner Becoming A Woman: Trapped In The Wrong Body

Bruce has slowly been changing his appearance to be more feminine and he is ready to finally go public about his transition, according to In Touch.

“He just wants to live his truth: He’s a great father who’s had an amazing life who just happens to be trapped in the wrong body,” an insider shared with the mag. “Bruce hopes that in a few years, once he’s living full-time as a woman, he’ll be wondering why he waited so long to do this.”

His only hope is for people to accept and understand his transition. “He really wants people to understand his struggle and get educated. He doesn’t want to be looked at as a freak,” the source added.

Bruce Jenner Transition To Female: Magazine Cover Reveal

“When Bruce goes public, he wants to go big and come out as a transgender woman on the cover of The Advocate, the ultimate LGBT magazine,” the insider also told the mag.

“He wants to look as glamorous as possible — full makeup with a bold wardrobe. He won’t live his new life in designer clothes like the Kardashian women. He just wants his first official portrait as a woman to be classic and memorable.”

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— Shira Benozilio

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