‘The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2’ Recap: I Got You, Babe . . . Sort Of

It's always awkward to be around your ex. So, when you're forced to live in a house with them, be filmed for TV, and have them as your only ally, it's no surprise that tensions ran really high during 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2.' After the break up comes the make up, right? Well, not so much. MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 premiered on Jan. 6, and brought together veterans, vets, Are You the One competitors, and of course, brokenhearted exes.

Challenge Diem Passes Out
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‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2’

We can’t ignore the horrible elephant in the room — both Diem and Knight have since passed since the show was filmed. At the beginning of the episode, Diem told CT she wanted to win for the money to start a family. During her second battle with cancer, she had to have her ovaries removed so she planned on getting a surrogate.

It was definitely heart-wrenching to hear, since she passed away in November after battling with cancer. Knight passed away just a week later. However, for those who knew Diem and Knight, knew that they both lived life to the fullest – and that’s why this season is dedicated to them. So let’s get into it.

I [Kinda] Got You, Babe

The pressure was definitely on right from the beginning — and communication between exes was key. In the first challenge, the female team member had to walk across a tightrope in between two skyscrapers 500 feet in the air, while the male was hanging upside down above them feeding them rope. This was all about communication — which wasn’t too well for many of the exes.

Jessica and Dustin went first, and she definitely freaked out — and ended up falling. Rookie Averey went at the same time with her ex, Johnny — and they proved that even with hate, you can communicate. She even completed while most other pairs didn’t! Other teams who completed were vets Theresa and Wes, rookies Thomas and Hailey, and CT and Diem, who all completed. Shout out to CT and Diem, who totally knew how to do it better than everyone else: CT literally pulled her and it was SO smart.

Are You the One stars Adam and Brittany lost, and Wes and Theresa were crowned the winners (beating CT and Diem by only ten seconds) — so it was up to them to choose who would go against the rookies in The Dome.

Wes & Theresa: Power Couple & Silent Partner

Wes wanted to make a major move and go after Johnny Bananas and Nany, instead of going after a rookie — that way, he can get all the rookies in his alliance. Smart move? Maybe. Risky move? Definitely. But, leave it to Wes to do that.

So, the Real World: Explosion alumni seemed safe, but would Wes really throw in Bananas right in the beginning? He also had the option of Jess and Dustin, who would never be in with the “big guys” on the show, due to Dustin’s dirty past. Literally. Unfortunately Wes didn’t choose Bananas (come on, I love that feud), but did go with Jess and Dustin.

The rookies took on the vets in The Dome and had to shimmy up a wall, attached to wooden panels. Dustin and Jessica totally patched up their friendship before the challenge — but that was about all they could. They completely buckled under pressure, while Adam and Brittany worked together surprisingly well. The Are You the One exes won!

Dance The Night Away

After the competition, the crew went out for some dancing — at least Diem did, and we’ve got to say it was one of the happiest we’ve seen her look and was definitely so sweet to see. Nerves were gone after the competition among the group, but what the remaining teams didn’t know was that Jess and Dustin didn’t go home. Instead, they were sent to another house, secluded, and they’d have a chance to come back!

What did you think of the premiere, HollywoodLifers? Are you sad to see Dustin and Jess go home? Do you think the rookies will do well in the rest of the challenge? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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