Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs: He’s Having The Best Sex Of His Life

Things seem to be going from hot to super hot for Rob and his girlfriend FKA twigs. Now that she's living with him at his new Los Angeles hideaway, it turns out they're spending most of their time in the bedroom! Kristen Stewart doesn't think that Robert Pattinson will be able to hold FKA twigs' attention for too much longer, but he's sure having fun while it lasts! A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that things are VERY physical between the loved up pair -- and Rob is "fully in lust" with the sexy singer.

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FKA Twigs & Robert Pattinson: Sex Is Best Of His Life — Better Than Kristen Stewart

We’ve seen their PDA all over the world and now a source reveals that things between Rob and FKA are even steamier than we thought!

“Rob says he is having the best sex of his life. Apparently, she’s very flexible and very uninhibited,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He’s in heaven. He’s just fully in lust with her. He can’t keep his hands off her. He even makes out with her in public, which is not usually his style. It was never that way with Kristen, but this girl is loosening him up,” our source says.

It sounds like Rob is going to have a great Christmas!

Kristen Stewart Disses FKA Twigs: Star Calls Robert Pattinson’s Love ‘Fugly’

Rob is clearly gaga for his new gal pal — and it’s driving Kristen crazy. We learned that she’s so bothered by Rob’s obvious adoration of FKA, that she trash talked her at a recent house party in LA.

“Kristen has become very jealous of Rob’s new romance. She was being really hard on twigs’ looks, calling her fugly,” a source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to 

Wow! It seems so out of character for Kristen to be catty like that! But maybe she has good reason to be jealous!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Rob REALLY having the best sex of his life with FKA or is he just caught up in the moment?

 — Susan Johnson

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