Kristen Stewart Disses Robert Pattinson’s Love FKA Twigs: ‘She’s Fugly!’

Apparently FKA twigs is not Kristen's cup of tea! The 'Still Alice' actress 'dissed Twigs' looks' to some friends recently, even going so far as to call her 'fugly,' a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Ouch! Robert Pattinson's new romance with FKA twigs is bringing out the worst in Kristen Stewart! K-Stew just can't understand what her ex sees in FKA and it's driving her mad with jealousy, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kristen Stewart Disses FKA twigs
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Kristen Stewart Disses FKA Twigs: Star Calls Robert Pattinson’s Love ‘Fugly’

Kristen, 24, is keeping a close eye on Rob’s new relationship with FKA, 26, and apparently she thinks the singer’s looks are nothing compared to Rob’s rugged handsomeness!

Kristen Stewart Thinks FKA Twigs Will ‘Grow Tired’ Of Robert Pattinson

“In a conversation with close friends at a recent party in Silverlake, Los Angeles, Kristen dissed Twigs’ looks,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Kristen has become very jealous of Rob’s new romance.”

“She was being really hard on Twigs looks, calling her fugly,” our source continues. “She even commented that Rob can’t dating her because of her looks.”

Wow, way harsh, Kristen! We know that Kristen must be really hurting right now because it’s not like her to bash another woman like this. We hope she’ll soon come to accept the fact that Rob, 28, is moving on and apparently developing new taste in women!

Robert Pattinson: Why Kristen Stewart Isn’t Sexy To Him Anymore

As previously reported, Rob isn’t too keen on Kristen’s looks these days! In fact, he doesn’t like her new short haircut at all!

“Rob always preferred Kristen’s hair on the long side, so he’s not too impressed with her new short do. It’s just not that sexy to him,” an insider told us EXCLUSIVELY.

Rob is attracted to FKA because she “really embraces her femininity, which is a real turn-on for Rob,” our source added.

So what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Kristen being too hard on FKA twigs? Let us know!

— Tierney McAfee, Reporting by Tim Plant

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