‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies After Heroic Sacrifice

Darkness spread throughout Storybrooke on the Dec. 7 episode of 'Once Upon A Time', and one person didn't make it out alive. Evil took over Once Upon A Time's Dec. 7 episode, and it was quite the thrill ride. The Evil Queen returned (Lana Parilla), a shocking confession changed everything about the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) and one character made the ultimate sacrifice.

Once Upon A Time Snow Queen Dies
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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Evil Eyes

We first flashbacked to Boston in 1982 and Snow Queen was roaming the streets in her insanely white costume. Seriously, I would have spilled coffee, juice, etc. all over that dress already. She’s got mad skills.

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She found a fortune teller and wanted the scoop on Emma. Unfortunately, like most fortune tellers, this one was a fraud. Snow Queen was shocked and left in a hurry. She was surprised to discover that she had no powers in Boston!

In the present day, Snow Queen was relishing over the Spell of Shattered Sight. Everything had gone according to plan and she was about to get everything she had wanted for so long.  

So she thought.

The spell had consumed most of the town, including Snow and Charming. Since they were locked up in side-by-side prison cells, they were going at it. Snow called Charming a fraud and a shepherd boy who had no business being royalty. Charming just called Snow a big brat.

Thankfully, Kristoff was much nicer to his lady love. He only complained about his wedding to Anna and his haircut. (I’m missing the long hair, K-Stoff.)

As she watched this madness go down, Emma was determined to give everyone back their happy ending. She needed Elsa, but couldn’t exactly have a newborn tagging along. That meant Anna was the babysitter! The Frozen princess was a little hesitant about Emma, but Elsa had confidence and trust in her friend.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Those Darn Ribbons

Meanwhile, Regina was stuck in the sealed vault she put herself in. The Evil Queen had returned and she was feeling extra sassy and extra evil. She dissed Storybrooke Regina’s sense of style and transformed into an outfit fit for a diabolical queen.

“I missed you,” Regina told herself in the mirror.

Hook headed to Rumple’s and wondered why he wasn’t affected by the curse. It was because his heart was no longer in his chest. That meant that Hook was still forced to do Rumple’s bidding. Rumple wanted him to find Henry and bring him to the store. When the stars in the sky aligned with the stars on the box, he would finally be free of the dagger. He would take Henry and Belle to New York City, where they wouldn’t remember what happened. Rumple would be a hero.

No lie, I secretly wanted Hook to be hit with the curse. What can I say, I love bad boys.

Emma and Elsa tried everything they could to rid themselves of Snow Queen. They thought if they put their powers together then they would be able to defeat her.

Not so fast. The ribbons on their wrist made it impossible for them to hurt the Snow Queen!

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Ice Man Cometh

While everyone was fighting it out in the streets, Emma was desperately trying to cut off the ribbon. That’s a major girl problem right there.

Snow and Charming were still fighting, this time over how they swaddled baby Neal.

Kristoff had finally had enough of the bickering, and caused Charming to turn his wrath over to him.

“Who you calling Ice Man, stable boy?” Kristoff asked after Charming’s diss. (Scott Michael Foster with the zinger!)

Emma came to the conclusion that they needed Regina’s help in order to defeat the Snow Queen. They specifically needed Regina’s hatred of Emma. This should be fun.

Over in Minnesota when Emma was a teenager, the Snow Queen kept her eye on the savior. She wanted to keep her close by when she realized what she was capable of. Snow Queen was looking to adopt teenage Emma!

Snow Queen finally took the chance to tell Emma about her powers, and it didn’t go over well.

“You think I have powers like Harry Potter?!” Emma screamed. (Don’t act like you hate it, Emma.) She called Snow Queen a nutjob and bolted.

Hook went to the Regina’s house to find Henry, who admitted he’d never like Hook. “I like you even less now that you and my are together,” he seethed. This didn’t stop Hook. He found a way in, but Henry had put marbles by the door, which caused Hook to hit the plank! Will Scarlett also showed up to punch Hook, but sorely missed.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies

After being freed, Regina made her way to the jail with her eye on the prize — Emma. She found Snow and Charming instead, and that was more than good enough.

Regina set her eyes on their baby. Snow wasn’t going to let her near baby Neal, so they brought out the swords.

“I want to watch you bleed,” Regina told Snow. Yikes.

They fought in the jail while Charming watched. Thankfully, baby Neal slept through it all. During Regina’s wrath, she sent Anna and Kristoff back to the beach where they came in from Arendelle.

Kristoff was 50 shades of done with everything and was going back to Arendelle at any means necessary. To keep him compliant, Anna smacked him with the glass message in a bottle! She read the note her parents left for her and Elsa. She immediately headed to find Elsa, but left Kristoff all by his lonesome!

The Snow Queen finally explained her cause. She was ready to give Elsa and Emma back their good memories with her. Anna found the girls and explained the note her mother had left. Their mother had wanted them to find the urn and release the Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen wasn’t exactly believing this revelation. She used powers to strangle Anna, but the princess wasn’t giving up. They were family, and they would get through this.

After weeks of being the absolute worst, Snow Queen realized she had to stop the madness. That meant only one thing — she had to die.

“I have to destroy myself,” she said. “I am a monster. Not because of my powers, but because of what I let them turn me into.”

She released Emma and Elsa’s memories. “You three are so special. Never forget that,” she said before dying.

The spell was over, and everyone returned to normal — for now.

Storybrooke better buckle up because the DISNEY VILLAINS ARE COMING!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Once Upon A Time? Are you glad the Snow Queen is gone? What the heck happened to Kristoff? When will Emma find out about Hook? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Avery Thompson

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