Bruce Jenner: Did He Have Sex Change Operation? — Shocking New Report

A shocking new report claims that Bruce is now 'officially a woman' after undergoing a sex change operation that he allegedly taped for 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' Can it be true? Here's what we know. There's been a lot of media buzz surrounding Bruce Jenner's evolving look, and now a new report is claiming that the 65-year-old former Olympian has finally gone ahead with genital reconstructive surgery!

Bruce Jenner Sex Change
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Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change: Did He Actually Become A Woman?

A Keeping Up with the Kardashians producer reportedly told that Bruce has taken his transition to the next level and fully become a woman, much to the dismay of his family.

“Bruce just told everyone that he’s a woman,” the source claims. “He went to Thailand, and had gender reassignment surgery. He’s officially a woman.”

Kris [Jenner] was crying because she thought that they were getting back together,” the source reportedly said. “The kids were crying… it was crazy.”

The site claims that not only did Bruce get reconstructive surgery, but that it was filmed for a super “emotional” episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that will air sometime in the next couple months. The scene was NOT scripted, according to the source. has reached out to Bruce’s rep and is currently investigating this story.

Bruce Jenner Transitioning To A Woman: How His Kids Would Feel About Sex Change

As previously reported, Bruce had been hesitant about transitioning from male to female because he was deeply concerned about how his family would feel about it.

“Bruce would like to become a woman but he knows that he won’t be able to fully go through with it because he is respecting his kids’ wishes,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “So by doing his nails or his hair, it gives him the tendencies he needs. The nail polish is one of those things he can do to feel like a woman and it makes him happy.”

So what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? If Bruce really did transition to a woman, should his family support him? Tell us your thoughts below!

— Tierney McAfee

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