Chris Pratt Slams Mickey Rourke For Dissing His Crying Baby On Plane

Uh oh. GQ's Man of the Year is not very happy with Mickey Rourke. Chris Pratt reveals that one time, the Oscar-winning actor shushed his baby boy, Jack, on a plane. Eek! Chris Pratt, 35, may be known as one of the (really hot) "good guys" in Hollywood, but he has just shared the key to getting on his bad side: messing with his son, Jack Pratt, 2 years old. In his interview with GQ, the Guardians of the Galaxy star reveals that Mickey Rourke, 62, "aggressively" tried to quiet his crying son on a plane.

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Chris Pratt Slams Mickey Rourke For ‘Shushing’ His Infant Son

As much as it sucks to be next to a crying baby on an airplane, most people know better than to speak up and scold the child. Especially if it’s not their own!

Unfortunately, Academy Award winning actor Mickey Rourke isn’t a fan of keeping his opinions to himself.

Chris Pratt, who is featured as one of GQ magazine’s 2014 Men of the Year, had a pretty uncomfortable encounter with Mickey when his son, Jack, wouldn’t stop crying on an airplane.

According to Chris, Mickey was “like ‘SHHHH!’ Like he’s the baby whisperer. Like he’s gonna get the baby to stop crying when the baby’s mother can’t, just by aggressively shushing the baby. Motherf–ker. I was like, ‘Damn, the f–kin’ ‘Wrestler’ shushed my baby.'”

By the sound of it, both Chris and his wife, Anna Faris, 37, were really trying to keep their adorable son quiet, but Jack was just not interested in behaving.

Unfortunately, Mickey must not have owned a pair of headphones at the time of Jack’s meltdown, because instead of blasting a movie or some music to drown out the baby’s cries, he took matters into his own hands by being… well, flat-out rude.

Tell us, HollyMoms — What do YOU think about Chris’ reaction to Mickey shushing his baby on a plane? Should Mickey have minded his own business or was he right to speak up? Comment below with your thoughts.

— Lauren Cox

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