‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Rumple Gains A Shocking Hold On Hook

We were treated to a double dose of 'Once Upon A Time' on the Nov. 16 episode! Emma finally embraced her powers, but Rumple did a crazy shocking thing that could ruin everything. Once Upon A Time's two-hour episode was full of crazy showdowns and revelations. Rumple (Robert Carlyle) continued his quest for power, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) made a shocking decision, something terrible happened to Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) villainous plans just got even more complicated.

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Once Upon A Time Rumplestiltskin Steals Hook's Heart
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‘Once Upon A Time’: Losing Control

Despite Snow Queen’s flaws, at the end of the day, she just wanted to be happy. She just has a crazy way of showing it. Snow Queen wanted two new sisters to replace her own. She already had Elsa, but needed another. Snow Queen was willing to wait for the “perfect” sister aka Emma!

Speaking of Emma, she slept in her car after destroying part of the police station. Henry tried to help her, but Emma accidentally hurt him. Even though Henry was OK, Emma was completely freaking out about her powers. And that was only making things worse.

Over at Regina’s lair, she was all smiles, more than we’d ever seen her before. Did Robin Hood sleep over? HE DID! Those two crazy kids. They kissed, and it was so steamy. (I love Captain Swan, but Robin Hood and Regina make me swoon, too.) 

However, Regina didn’t think this bliss would last. She was still the Evil Queen after all. She was certain she would never ultimately get her happy ending. Robin Hood wanted to change all this negativity. He was going to help her get the happy ending she deserved! Swoon.

After hours of searching, David, Elsa, Snow and Hook returned home to rest. Maybe I’m just a natural worry wart, but I would still be searching for my daughter, friend, lover if she was missing.

‘Once Upon A Time’: Sister Acts

Back in Arendelle, Elsa was preparing a lavish dinner with Anna until the Snow Queen showed up. Snow Queen tried to twist the ice pick in Elsa’s heart by telling her that Anna planned to use the urn on her. Would Elsa finally give in?

Never! Elsa went to Anna’s cell and confessed she had a plan for the Snow Queen. They were going to trap her in the urn. Easier said than done, Elsa.

Anna, Kristoff and Elsa journeyed through the castle to find the urn. Shockingly, they found frozen Hans still chilling in the closet. “It’s the one good thing she’s done since getting out of that urn,” Elsa said about Snow Queen.

After hiding out, Emma went to the last place anyone in Storybrooke should ever go for help — Mr. Gold’s Shop. Rumple revealed to Emma that the only way to ease her worry was to get rid of her magic for good. However, her savior magic would be tougher to kill. As always, Rumple had a plan. He just needed Emma to meet him at a secluded manor.

Emma should have known. This had bad idea written all over it.

Emma finally called Snow to let her know she was OK. She mentioned that she had found a way to fix everything, causing Snow’s alarm to go off. This piqued Hook’s interest and he headed out to make a frantic call to Emma. He knew she went to Rumple and tried to warn her to stay far, far away.

‘Once Upon A Time’: Competing Interests

Rumple met up with Snow Queen and dished about his plans for Emma. In order to prevent Snow Queen from ruining his plans, he cast a spell on her using the urn’s dust. Rumple was thisclose to get everything that he wanted, and he was going to do whatever it took to make sure it all happened.

Emma still hadn’t returned home, which caused Snow to worry more. Charming said he was OK with whatever Emma decided to do with her magic. Elsa overheard their conversation and left to find Emma! That’s the spirit, Elsa!

Being the best boyfriend ever, Hook called Emma again to warn her about Rumple. He made such a heartfelt plea to Emma that my heart could barely take it. “He knew I’d do whatever it took to be with you and he turned it against me,” Hook told Emma about Rumple.


Emma was heading to the manor when she had a wreck! Oh no!

Back in Arendelle, the plan was that Snow Queen would come to Anna’s cell to hand over her punishment. Then, Anna would trap her in the urn. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned at all. Snow Queen cast a spell on Anna and trapped her in chains!

‘Once Upon A Time’: Happy Endings Are For Everyone

Emma woke up after her wreck and saw Snow Queen. She warned him not to trust Rumple. Everything he promised her was a lie.

Since Regina is awesome, she finally handed over some REAL TALK to Snow and Charming about Emma. The savior couldn’t get rid of her magic. That was preposterous. This talk was cut short when they realized Elsa took the locator spell!

Sadly, Emma made it to the manor. No, Emma, no!

On their walk to find Emma, Snow and Regina had the chance to talk about happy endings. “You’re not all evil, and I am not all good,” Snow said. “It is not that simple.”

Regina wasn’t buying Snow’s talk. “You’re the hero and I’m the villain,” Regina replied. “Free will be damned. It’s all in the book.”

That may not be for certain, Regina. As Robin Hood and Will searched in the library, a piece of the storybook appeared. Robin Hood called her immediately and Regina rushed to his side.

‘Once Upon A Time’: An Act Of Love

At the manor, Emma called out to Rumple. He had the dagger and the hat. This will not end well. Rumple told Emma that all she had to do was step through the door.

“What would you do?” Emma asked him.

“I wouldn’t go in there for anything,” Rumple replied.

Rumple explained that Emma didn’t need to change because she always did the right thing. Nice pep talk, Rumple.

Hook was so close to finding Emma when he was met by Rumple. He trapped Hook and he had Emma’s phone. Rumple was just waiting for Emma to take the next step. “Don’t worry, you’ll get over her,” Rumple said to Hook.

Um, no. Hook will NEVER get over Emma. Captain Swan is forever!

Thankfully, Elsa was at the manor, too. She flashed back to when a cursed Anna confronted her about their past. Anna screamed that Elsa had ignored her throughout her childhood and made it seem like it was her fault. Anna also had the urn.

Snow Queen told Elsa to freeze Anna, but Elsa refused. Anna ended up opening the urn and in Elsa went.

“No matter what, I love you,” Elsa said.

In retaliation, Snow Queen froze both Anna and Kristoff! So that’s where they really are!

‘Once Upon A Time’: Be Still Our Beating Hearts

Elsa confronted Emma in the manor. She told Emma that it wasn’t just Anna’s love that saved her, but she had to learn to love herself. Emma needed to embrace her powers in order to control them.

Emma took Elsa hand, finally coming to terms with her powers. The chaos in the manor stopped.

As soon as Hook realized Emma didn’t go through with erasing her powers, he began taunting Rumple. Bad move, Hook. Rumple revealed that he needed an extra ingredient in his spell to help separate him from the dagger. He needed the heart of someone who knew him before the dagger. That person was Hook.

Rumple stole Hook’s heart! Nooooooooooooo!

“You are going to do what I need because you’re my puppet now,” Rumple said. (I need a minute or five to cry over this.)

To ease the pain of this shocking revelation, Captain Swan fans were treated to a steamy kiss! Emma felt like something was a little off with Hook, but she didn’t press further. Hook took the box before he left.

Robin Hood showed Regina the page from the book and it was a picture of them together. It was from the meeting they never had! It appeared like magic, Robin Hood said. There is hope!

Back in Arendelle, Snow Queen still had the box. She was about to conjure the Dark One when the apprentice stopped her. He would help her find her third sister, she just had to hand over the box. She gave it to him and stepped through the door he had created for her. When she stepped inside, she was in the year 1982!

Emma was finally happy and in control. (Excuse me, but where’s Hook?) However, she noticed one of Snow’s Queen’s ribbons around her wrist and so did Elsa. Thanks to Rumple, both Elsa and Emma had embraced their powers, just like Snow Queen wanted. What will happen next?!

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— Avery Thompson

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