‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Regina & Robin Kiss While Emma Loses Control

The Nov. 9 episode of 'Once Upon A Time' featured a red-hot kiss and Emma discovering a new and fiery side to herself! Plus, the Duke of Weselton made an appearance! Magic and romance ran wild on the Nov. 9 episode of Once Upon A Time. Regina (Lana Parilla) and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) finally gave in to their feelings, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) realized the magnitude of her powers, we learned Snow Queen's (Elizabeth Mitchell) tragic backstory and more!

Once Upon A Time Regina Robin Hood Kiss
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‘Once Upon A Time’: A Tale Of Three Sisters

Opening the episode was a flashback to former Arendelle with Gerda, Ingrid and Helga. They were fighting over a ribbon, so typical girl stuff. Unfortunately, a creepy guy tried to kidnap Gerda and Helga! Ingrid aka Snow Queen showed off her powers for the very first time and saved her sisters!

Regina was still trying to find a cure for Marian among other things. She got distracted when Robin Hood paid a visit. She tried to avoid talking about their current predicament, but Robin Hood was all about the love tonight. No matter how hard he tried to move on, his heart still brought him back to Regina. Ugh, swoon. 

Regina remained strong (for now) and told him to forget about her. NEVER!

Emma was planning on babysitting Neal for the first time, but her night in with her baby bro didn’t happen. Emma and Elsa came upon the Snow Queen and Emma managed to put her in shackles with her magic! Snow Queen and Emma were completely shocked.

Back to Frozen: Way Back When, Ingrid was kept away from the glamorous party. Helga was introduced to the Duke of Weseltown for the first time. (This should turn out well.) Poor Ingrid just wanted to go to the party. Dancing’s not all that great, Ingrid.

‘Once Upon A Time’: Everything’s Coming Up Rumpel

In the present day, Snow Queen viciously taunted Elsa about Anna. It got so bad that Emma told her to go help David and Hook take apart Snow Queen’s mirror.

After Elsa left, Snow Queen got under Emma’s skin pretty quickly. Snow Queen tried to relay to Emma that they were “family.” Apparently, Emma had talked about her superpower when she was younger. This was all getting a little too much for Emma to take.

Emma was determined to find out why Snow Queen’s been tracking her down her whole life. Snow Queen proclaimed she was “protecting” Emma. “We belong together,” Snow Queen said. (*Chills*)

Snow Queen finally hit a nerve with Emma concerning her family. Back in Arendelle, Ingrid was telling Helga that she was the queen Arendelle deserved. Ingrid was still shielded from the public, but Gerda wanted to change that. She knew someone who could help Ingrid control her powers.

That person was RUMPLESTILTSKIN!

‘Once Upon A Time’: Breaking Emma Down

Hook, David and Elsa were all just staring at Snow Queen’s mirror because they had no clue what to do with it. Belle screamed they shouldn’t be looking at it because it was explore the darkest parts of themselves. They soon realized it was a fake mirror.

Snow Queen wanted to get caught! Hook and the rest of gang headed back to the police station to help Emma.

Belle pleaded with Rumple to help Emma. He agreed, but Hook knew something was up with Rumple and Snow Queen.

Yeah, Rumple and Snow Queen go way back.

The sisters went to see Rumple to help Ingrid. Rumpel gave Ingrid some gloves, and if that didn’t work, then she use this trusty urn. In exchange, he wanted the ribbons they’d worn on their wrists since they were children. The girls pleaded with Ingrid not to agree, but she felt like she had to take this risk.

“Love is free, but all magic comes with a price,” Rumple said.

Snow Queen continued to jeer at Emma about what separated her from her family. She said Snow and Charming could have at least tried to keep her. They only needed her to break a curse. Now, they had chosen a new baby to love.

Emma had reached her boiling point. She blasted the side out of the police station. And the, poof! Snow Queen was gone.

At this point, Emma is terrified. She wanted everyone to stay away from her. Her powers soon got out of control. A falling light pole nearly killed Charming! Snow barked at her and Emma flipped.

‘Once Upon A Time’: Goodbye, Helga

Despite the fact that the Duke seemed smitten with Helga, it was Ingrid he really wanted. He tried to go in for a kiss, but Ingrid was not about that life. When Helga appeared, he lied and said it was Ingrid. Helga didn’t believe the Duke.

However, the Duke wasn’t done. He was going to tell everyone about Ingrid’s powers and make her a monster. In an attempt to stop him, Ingrid accidentally killed HELGA! She instantly turned to ice.

Gerda walked up on a distraught Ingrid and she realized what Ingrid had done. She was scared out of her mind, to say the least. “You’re a monster,” Gerda said. Then, she opened the urn and Ingrid was gone! Later, she went to Grand Pabbie to ask that all of Arendelle’s memory be erased about what had happened.

Robin Hood and Will Scarlet had a nice chat at the diner. Poor Robin Hood was really trying. He desperately wanted to feel the love he once fell for Marian. He returned to Regina’s and he kissed her!

I love me some Hook and Emma, but Regina and Robin Hood’s chemistry/romance/everything is just as amazing.

Snow Queen was ready to make that deal with Rumple. And first, she wanted her ribbons back. She knew how Rumple could get out from under the dagger’s power. She really didn’t care what he did with the rest of the world, she just wanted Storybrooke. She whispered the answer he’d been waiting to hear and, of course, we weren’t able to be in on their little secret!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Once Upon A Time? Do you feel more sympathy for the Snow Queen? What did she whisper into Rumple’s ear? Let us know your thoughts!

— Avery Thompson

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