’19 Kids & Counting’: Ben Plans Sweet Scavenger Hunt Proposal For Jessa

Grab a box of tissues! On '19 Kids & Counting,' Ben plans a very thoughtful and romantic proposal for Jessa that involves the entire Duggar family. So sweet! On the nov. 4 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, it's time for Jessa Duggar, 21, to become engaged to her boyfriend of 11 months, Ben Seewald, 19. Once Ben is given Jim Bob and Michelle's blessing, he get to work on planning one of the best Duggar proposals ever created.

Ben Proposes Jessa
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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Ben Proposes Marriage To Jessa

Wow, it’s such an exciting time for the Duggar family right now, isn’t it?

Not only did Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard just tie the knot on 19 Kids, but now it looks like Jessa and Ben will be the next to walk down the aisle.

On the Nov. 4 episode, an 11 month courtship takes the next step towards marriage when Ben finally asks Jessa’s dad, Jim Bob, for her hand in marriage.

Now, Jim Bob adores Ben. He even invited Ben to come and live at the Duggar compound and even started paying him to help out with projects around the house. However, Jim Bob takes the future of his girls very seriously, especially as they slowly but surely start to leave the nest as Jill just did.

After Ben asks for her hand in marriage, Jim Bob hesitates and reminds Ben that it’s very important for him and Jessa to work together in the Lord’s name. He also reminds him that it’s very important as the man to be financially responsible for his wife and family.

Moments later, Jim Bob tells a very nervous Ben that he has his and Michelle’s blessing. Ben’s relief is instantaneous!

Ben Plans A Thoughtful Proposal With The Duggars

As soon as Jessa’s sisters — Jinger, Jana, and Joy Anna — hear the news, they are thrilled. Making matters even more exciting is that Ben has turned to them for help planning his proposal, which he wants to be a scavenger hunt.

Ben continues to spread the exciting news throughout the Duggar family, and he slowly but surely starts to put together the pieces of his scavenger hunt. As he begins planning, the first step is a romantic dinner date at the same restaurant they shared their first date. Accompanying the future engaged couple are both of their parents. At the very end he gives her a gift, but he tells Jessa that she’s not allowed to open it until the following day. What a tease!

However, Jessa knew something was up the moment Ben’s parents showed up. Apparently, they were not originally on the dinner date agenda! Not to mention that he told her the gift was the “first clue to the rest of her life.”

The next morning Jessa opened her gift while surrounded by her sisters in the kitchen, and it was a tablet with a pre-recorded message from Ben on it. In the video, Ben tells Jessa where to go next for her scavenger hint: the plane hangar, where John David was waiting to fly her to Hot Springs, Arkansas — Ben’s hometown.

The meaning behind this trip came from when John David flew Jessa and Ben to Hot Springs to finally meet his parents and explore his hometown.

John David gives Jessa her next clue when they land in Hot Springs, which leads her to her brother, Joe, who is driving Jessa and her chaperone, Jinger, to their next destination.

More stops along the way included mini-golf, a trolley ride, a rose collection, and then a train ride.

While this is going on, Ben is getting ready to meet Jessa and pop the question. Thankfully he has the help of all of the Duggar sisters, who are not only ironing his shirt for him, but also helping him perfect his hair style. They are such a sweet family!

Ben Plans A Thoughtful Proposal With The Duggars

After the train ride — and an outfit change — Jessa is finally whisked away to the last destination of the scavenger hunt: Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs.

They take a short car ride to the church, and then as Jessa walks inside to see Ben standing below the altar awaiting her arrival, Jinger slips into the back row to take a seat and allow them as much privacy as their courtship rules allow.

It is worth nothing that Thorncrown Chapel is a gorgeous, very unique-looking little church hidden in the wilderness. It is surrounded by greenery and filled with windows and a high-peak ceiling to allow maximum natural light in at all times. So beautiful!

Ben and the Duggar family have set up candles and rose petals to set the mood, and Jessa is practically speechless as she notices all of the romantic details prepared just for her.

“Jessa Lauren, will you marry me?” Ben asks, in a very simple, but very sweet proposal while down on one knee. Once the ring is on her finger and he stands back up, they break courtship rules by hugging front-to-front. Thankfully, Jessa doesn’t interrupt them for their momentary lapse of judgment!

After all of Ben’s hard work planning the perfect scavenger hunt for Jessa, his quick proposal inside the chapel was absolutely perfect. Jessa’s tears say it all, too: she’s thrilled!

When the couple walk out of the chapel they are holding hands — something they can only do while engaged — and the Duggar family starts to giggle as they realize that she said yes. It’s such an exciting moment for everyone, and incredibly special that Ben involved each and every member of the family to play a role in the proposal.


— Lauren Cox

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