‘The Voice’: Craig Wayne Boyd’s Hot Makeover Wins Blake Shelton’s Heart

It's the final night of The Knockouts on 'The Voice' -- which means it was time for the final steal! With Taylor Swift ready to help out again as key advisor, we knew it was about to be quite a battle -- between the competition and the judges. The contestants on The Voice got to choose their own songs during the final knockout rounds, and basically they all choose perfectly. While someone had to go home on each team, Blake Shelton still had to use his last steal -- and he saved it for the perfect person!

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Team Blake

Allison Bray V. Taylor Brashears
This week started off with Blake’s country cutie, Allison Bray. To help, Taylor Swift advised her to perform the Dixie Chicks‘ hit song, “Sin Wagon,” in flats instead of heels (or “stilts” as Taylor called them). Allison went up against Taylor Brashears, who also sounded amazing with another song that the Dixie Chicks actually covered — Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide.” After T.Swift told her to just focus on one person, Taylor did just that — and said she thought about all her boyfriends. “Oh, I do it all the time,” Swift responded. Oh, we know, Tay. We know. Apparently that exes comparison helped — Taylor won over Allison.

Grant Ganzer V. Reagan James
Grant was part of the second round, who chose “Apologize” by One Republic to show off his lower register (at 16!) Reagan, the youngest on the show at 15, took on “Hit ‘Em Up Style,” which was a very mature song for her and really challenged her. They both hit new notes, but in the end, Reagan moved on to the live shows!

Team Gwen

Beth Spangler V. Ryan Sill
Ryan was the first to perform for Gwen Stefani‘s team, who chose to take on Ne-Yo‘s “Miss Independent.” He was paired up against Beth. She covered JoJo‘s “Too Little Too Late.” However, it was the last leg for Beth, who already got a second change when Gwen her stolen from Adam. Ryan moved on to the live shows.

Craig Wayne Boyd V. Anita Antoinette
The last knockout of the night was a huge one. Anita took one of the biggest songs of the moment, “Rude,” while Craig took on “Can’t You See.” While I loved his long wavy hair, he decided to cut it and shave the beard! It had to be the ladies telling him about how Blake used to have a mullet!

“It’s almost like if you break up with a girl and then the next weekend, she comes back to the bar and she looks hotter than ever and she’s sitting there in the corner,” his former coach Blake raved. “You never looked so hot!”

Gwen ended up choosing Anita — but that allowed Blake to “get my girl back!” Yes, that’s right. He used his steal on the newly-Charlie-Hunnam-like Craig. WIN! That means that Blake got him back — yes, Gwen had stolen him originally from Blake, and he’s been missing him ever since. We can see why!

Team Pharrell

Jean Kelley V. Menlik Zergabachew
Pharrell‘s first knockout round went to Jean, who he stole from Gwen. Jean performed the tough song, “Chandelier” by Sia. Taylor was incredibly blown away by her right away! She was up against Menlik, who also got stolen from Gwen! He took on “Could You Be Loved” by Bob Marley, which was right up his alley.  While they both did amazing, Jean completely blew everyone out of the water — Adam Levine even said it gave him anxiety and then relief with the long notes, and we totally got that. Pharrell had a really hard time choosing, but he ended up going with Jean.

Team Adam

Blessing Offor V. Chris Jamison
Blessing came out ready to compete, after Adam stole him from Pharrell. He chose John Mayer‘s “Body is a Wonderland” (and no, Taylor didn’t make any snide comments). Meanwhile, Chris took on Otis Redding‘s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” and after originally turning the chairs off all four judges, we knew this would be a big competition. They both rocked the stage, but he ended up choosing Chris.

Adam also choose Matt McAndrew to keep on his team over Rebekah Samarin.

Alright guys, what do you think of Blake’s choice? Did he use his last steal wisely? Do you think Craig has what it takes to win it all? Or is he just a pretty face? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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