Jim Carrey: ‘SNL’ Cast & More Impersonate His Classic Characters — Watch

In one of the funniest sketches of the Oct. 25 episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' host Jim Carrey was joined by the cast as they performed their very best impressions of Jim's most classic characters. Check out 'Carrey Family Reunion' below! The Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live just might have been the season's strongest so far. Either the cast and writers have finally gotten into their groove, or the presence of host Jim Carrey, 52, was basically a magical, healing salve on a fairly inconsistent season. One of the funnier sketches of the night, "Carrey Family Reunion," saw Jim being joined by the SNL cast as they did their best Jim Carrey impressions. Watch it below!

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Jim Carrey On ‘SNL’: ‘Carrey Family Reunion’ Revisits Classic Characters — Watch

There was no Jim Carrey character left unturned — even Jay Pharoah, 27, joined in as Jim’s character from The Cable Guy.

From Ace Ventura: Pet Detective to Batman Forever, every bombastic Jim Carrey character was accounted for. Dumb & Dumber and the upcoming Dumb And Dumber To were not left out, either; Jeff Daniels made a surprise appearance on the show, impersonating his co-star.

A standout from the sketch was inarguably Taran Killam‘s pitch-perfect Ace Ventura — watching Taran and Jim laugh like maniacs together was a delight, as was hearing “AaaaalRIGHTY then” approximately 1,000 times. (Seriously! No sarcasm. It was the best.

‘Carrey Family Reunion’ Similar To ‘Walken Family Reunion’, Which You Should Also Watch

The “Carrey Family Reunion” sketch is definitely reminiscent of the “Walken Family Reunion” sketch performed during Christopher Walken‘s hosting duties in 2008, but differs in that each of the characters in the “Carrey” sketch portray a different classic character of Jim’s.

The performers in the “Walken” sketch were basically just a bunch of lunatic Christopher Walken clones, including Amy Poehler‘s young, female child Walken who does not like ghosts or “spooky behavior.” Not to say that wasn’t perfect and deserving of a re-watch, of course.

WATCH The ‘Carrey Family Reunion’ Sketch Starring Jim Carrey:


So, HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the sketch? Funny, or not so much? Who did the best job at portraying their repective Carrey character? Let us know!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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