‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia & Fitz Share A Steamy Kiss

Thank god it's Thursday! The Oct. 16 episode of 'Scandal' featured another huge scandal for Fitz. Plus, Olitz goodness (and heartbreak). This is the Scandal we all know and love. The Oct. 16 episode of the political drama didn't hold back on the shockers. Karen Grant (Mary Mouser) resurfaced, Rowan (Joe Morton) gained the upper hand on Jake (Scott Foley) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) shared one intense moment. (Seriously, we're still recovering.)

Scandal Olivia Fitz Kiss
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‘Scandal’ Recap: A Trip To Paris

Jake meeting someone in a dark alley? No, he just casually blew up a car. Afterwards, he headed straight to Olivia’s. She wanted to talk about their day, just like a normal couple. Before he could take a bite out of his Gettysburger, Olivia had to bolt.

Quinn and Olivia hit up a rave! Olivia looked way out of her element. But she was there for a reason. She found Karen Grant naked and throwing up! Olivia went into serious Olivia Pope mode. She summoned Huck and Cyrus for help. Thank god she needed Cyrus because his romance with Michael was getting to be all sorts of wrong. (I just can’t believe Cyrus would be so stupid!)

Karen was so drunk that Olivia and Quinn had to carry her out! Fortunately, no one could grab a picture because Huck had disabled everyone’s phones. A helicopter was on hand to pick Karen, Olivia and Quinn up. 

Olivia was ready to head back to her warm bed, but her job wasn’t done yet. As they headed back to the White House, Karen got a video of a sex tape starring her! Karen had taken a trip to “Paris” apparently.

‘Scandal’ Recap: You’re Not Olivia Pope

Karen fully admitted to Fitz and Olivia that she smoked weed and drank illegally, but she wasn’t raped. “What about what I did to them!” Karen screamed at Fitz. The President couldn’t handle this coming from his little girl, but before he got too angry, Olivia stepped in.

Also, Fitz was in jeans. I can’t even deal right now.

Olivia advised Fitz to take it easy on Karen. She was an angry, grieving teenage girl with daddy issues. It happens. One of the two boys Karen had sex with had the video, and Olivia was going to find and destroy it. “I need these boys found and dealt with,” Fitz pleaded with Olivia. There was a longing stare during this moment. Olitz is alive and well, y’all.

Quinn and Huck showed up at the White House and refused to tell Abby what they were doing. Seriously, Abby has had a terrible ‘tude this season. Thankfully, Cyrus put Abby in her rightful place. He basically told her that she wasn’t Olivia Pope and never would be. BOOM.

Meanwhile, Agent Tom and Rowan had a nice chat at the park. Rowan wanted Jake gone ASAP. “Do not let me down,” Rowan told Tom. However, Jake was right on Rowan’s tail. He confronted Tom about killing Jerry, but was willing to protect Tom because he wanted Rowan’s head on a spike.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Heart-To-Hearts

This is it, Olitz fans. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

“Liv, where did you go,” Fitz said. Olivia confessed that she took off all alone. LIES! She just needed to be alone considering she believed her mother was the one to kill Jerry.

“She ruined your family. She ruined my family. She ruined us,” Olivia said.

Ugh, I will go down with the Olitz ship.

Because Rowan is literally terrifying, Jake wanted David release the B613 files if anything happened to him. David wasn’t so sure. He didn’t want to be involved in all this black hat stuff. Jake wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Olivia returned to the White House, but couldn’t escape Mellie. The First Lady ran her down and wanted to know why she was in her house. Olivia deflected to Fitz and Mellie headed straight to the Oval Office. Mellie was P-I-S-S-E-D. Fitz revealed that Karen was the one to call Olivia. Mellie still wasn’t having it. This was not Olivia’s family, it was hers.

Fitz told Mellie that she hadn’t been a mother to Karen (or Teddy) since Jerry died. Fitz was done dealing with 50 shades of Mellie and wanted her to pick up her wits and start moving on. Fitz’s comments struck a chord with Mellie. That fire and sass we all know in love returned in possibly the biggest burn ever.

After Fitz revealed that Karen had a sex tape, Mellie spat, “She takes after her daddy then, doesn’t she?” Ouch.

Sidenote: Everyone is flawed on Scandal, so let’s all remember that Mellie was caught by Karen on her knees with Andrew.

‘Scandal’ Recap: This Kiss, This Kiss

Olivia and the team tracked down the guy with the sex tape video, but the parents wanted $2.5 million. Olivia advised Fitz to take the deal.

Karen’s sex tape took a back seat to the Olitz action. “The Light” (aka their theme song) started playing so you know things were about to get real.

“Don’t ever leave me again,” Fitz whispered. “I almost didn’t survive.”

Me either, Fitz. Me either.

After some quality heavy-breathing and intense chemistry, Fitz and Olivia FINALLY kissed.

It was so hot and so perfect. I need a minute.

However, Olivia just had to ruin the moment by admitting she went away with Jake. Moment ruined. Fitz was no longer in a romantic mood. (Be still my beating heart.)

This sparked a fire in Olivia. She met with the parents who wanted money and went off. She was going to destroy them if they didn’t keep quiet. The old, old Olivia is back!

After Fitz’s confrontation, Mellie went to see Karen. She understood why Karen lashed out. It was a nice mother daughter moment.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Goodbye, Ballard

Jake was ready to come clean to Fitz about Rowan and told Tom to strike a deal after learning he was going to be investigated. Fitz didn’t want to hear anything from Jake.

Tom was interrogated by a detective, with Fitz and Cyrus watching. Before Tom could spill everything, ROWAN walked in.

Rowan had all the evidence of Tom killing Jerry. He asked and asked who gave Tom the orders to kill Jerry.

“Jake Ballard,” Tom said. “Ballard gave me the order.”


They arrested Tom and took Jake away. Meanwhile, Olivia was waiting for Jake to return to dinner. NOOOO!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Were you glad to see Olivia and Fitz reunite in some capacity? Will Jake die? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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