’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Jill Picks 6 Duggar Sisters As Bridesmaids

The countdown is on! In the final days before Jill's wedding, the '19 Kids & Counting' star picked out her bridesmaids and took them all shopping for dresses. On the Sept. 30 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, Jill Duggar, 23, finally picks five bridesmaids and one very special maid of honor for her upcoming wedding to Derick Dillard. Meanwhile, Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, work on improving their new healthy diet.

Jill & Her Sisters Get Wedding Hair & Makeup Trials

Can you believe it? There are just 6 weeks until Jill’s wedding!

This season of 19 Kids & Counting has been all about the whirlwind wedding plans for Jill and Derick, and the Sept. 30 episode was no different.

It’s time for Jill to prepare her sisters for their bridesmaid duties, which means a they get to slip in one more big “sister outing” before Jill ties the knot and moves on to her married life. Jill reveals that her bridesmaids will be four of her younger sisters — Jessa, Jinger, Joy, and Johannah — as well as her sister-in-law, Anna.

Here Maid of Honor? Her older sister, Jana!

The first stop for Jill and her sisters is at the hair salon, where they are trying out some different hairstyles and makeup trials to decide how they want to look for Jill’s big day.

In the middle of Jill telling her hairstylist that she would like her hair down for the ceremony, a one-on-one with Derick pops up and he reveals how he likes Jill’s hair best: curly and natural. How sweet of him!

The good news is that Jill is definitely NOT a “bridezilla.” In fact, her sisters are thrilled that she is being so laid back and easy going about her special day!

Once they all of the girls have their hair and makeup done they look incredible. Hopefully they now have a good idea of how they want to look on Jill’s wedding day!

Jill’s Sisters Search For Their Bridesmaid Dresses

Now that the Duggar girls are all glam with their hair and makeup done, it’s time to try on some bridesmaid dresses!

Jill is really hoping to find “simple” dresses for her sisters, and something they could wear on a “daily basis” if they really wanted to. Even Jessa chimes in, saying that she hopes they’ll find something they can wear again one day.

All of the Duggar girls are aware that no matter what they try on, they are more than likely going to have to add a more “modest” style. As per Duggar family rules, girls should be covered from the “neck to the knees.”

Because of the modesty rules, the girls have to cover up even while trying on their dresses — and they did with the help of shawls. Even some that didn’t match!

Eventually it’s Jessa who finds the perfect bridesmaid dress: a mint colored lace dress. Unfortunately it’s a bit short and it needs some sleeves, but Jana is sure that her seamstress skills will be able to make the dresses perfect. Even better? They spent less than $30 on each dress!

Now, all they need are the shoes. To see a clip of the Duggar girls shoe shopping for the wedding, watch the video above!

Anna Takes ‘Healthy’ Cooking Lessons To Impress Josh

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., Josh and Anna are still focusing on building a healthy lifestyle for their family.

After Josh’s trainer made a surprise appearance to help him change his diet, Anna has taken a proactive approach by not only shopping for more organic foods, but also taking some cooking lessons from a new friend, Heather. How great is that?

Throughout the lesson, Anna gets what she calls “practical” healthy eating tips from her instructor. The meal is fish (peachy salmon!) and squash, and Anna admits that she’s concerned the kids won’t be too interested in the vegetable of choice. Eek!

Josh is super excited about the new meal when he gets home, and he definitely appreciates Anna’s efforts to help keep up with the diet his trainer has suggested for him. Hopefully the kids will stop giving them so much fuss about the vegetables as they continue eating healthy!

Jim Bob Works On Jill & Derick’s Temporary House

As you might remember, Jim Bob and Michelle have decided to gift Jill and Derick with the Stoney Brook House. Well, temporarily at least.

They bought the house as a “fixer upper” in hopes of renovating it and re-selling it, but they decided that they would let Jill and Derick live there until it is completely finished and sells to a new owner.

In hopes of getting it in living condition before Jill and Derick’s wedding, Jim Bob has wrangled the Duggar boys to help a contractor lay new carpeting in the house. Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as the carpenter hopes — because what should have been an hour and a half job somehow turned into a five hour job. Eek!

However, Jim Bob makes sure that the boys are learning as they go. It’s important that they learn the “trade” so that the next time anyone needs new carpeting, hopefully they can do it themselves and not have to hire anyone.

It’s all about planning for the future with the Duggars!

Josh & Anna’s Family Make A Baby Gift For Jill & Derick

Okay, so implying a baby will be on the way very soon may not be the best choice for a wedding gift for any other family. However, for the Duggars, it’s definitely the first thing on the agenda!

In D.C., Josh and Anna sit down with the kids and plan to make a handmade baby gift for the future newlyweds. Their gift of choice? A Nepal-themed mobile for the baby, because as you might remember Nepal is where Jill and Derick first met each other in person.

It’s no surprise that while Josh and Anna are making a baby gift, the mother of three starts to romanticize the idea of having a fourth child. One thing is for sure: don’t be surprised if Anna is pregnant again very soon!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Jill picked the right sisters for bridesmaids? Do you like the dress they picked out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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