‘Awkward’ Season 4: Beau Mirchoff Teases Matty & Jenna Romance

If you've been hoping for a Jenna & Matty reunion on 'Awkward,' you might just be in luck! Both Beau Mirchoff and Ashley Rickards dished to HollywoodLife.com ALL about their on-screen romance. Beau Mirchoff, 25, wants Awkward fans to know that there is still hope for his character, Matty McKibben, and his ex-girlfriend Jenna Hamilton, portrayed by the hilarious Ashley Rickards, 22. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, both stars spilled the beans on a potential rekindled romance -- but what does that mean for Matty's girlfriend, Eva (Elizabeth Whitson), and their unborn baby?

Jenna Matty Back Together
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‘Awkward’ Preview: Jenna & Matty May Be Getting Back Together

Alright, folks — let’s talk ships.

No, not the kind that float and speed through water, but the kind that involves two fictional characters that are so meant to be you just want to reach through your television screen and shake them until they realize it.

For me, that’s Jenna Hamilton and Matty McKibben. As Awkward enters the second half of it’s fourth season, these two are totally on the outs — especially after it was revealed on the mid-season finale that Eva is pregnant. Yes, PREGNANT. All hope for Matty and Jenna seemed lost in that instant, didn’t?

Thankfully, both Beau Mirchoff and Ashley Rickards brought that hope back when HollywoodLife.com spoke to them about their characters on-again/off-again relationship. So, what’s the deal?

“[Matty and Jenna] obviously have an undeniable physical attraction for each other. It’s like the earth and the moon. They just can’t get off each other’s orbit,” Beau shared, talking about Matty and Jenna’s chemistry.

Matty and Jenna = the earth and the moon. How romantic is that?!

And guess what? Ashley totally agrees with Beau, 100%.

“Matty and Jenna will always be attracted to each other. Matty and Jenna will always have feelings for each other,” Ashley said.

What Does This Mean For Eva & Matty?

As we loyal Awkward fans know, Eva is nothing but trouble. Maybe that even deserves a capital T.

Once it was revealed that Eva was actually named Amber and has a basement filled with pictures and print outs of Matty McKibben (so creepy), it was too late — because she already had Matty wrapped around her finger with the unexpected news that she was expecting. As in, she was carrying his baby.

So, where does Matty really stand on creepy Eva this season? More importantly, will he ever realize that she is just a total psycho?

“I think he sees something. Something doesn’t quite line up. There’s a little something fishy, but Matty likes to see the good in everyone,” Beau explained. “He’s giving her the benefit of the doubt. Eva’s been pretty nice to him, so there’s not a whole lot of reason for Matty to accuse her of anything.”

But fear not Eva haters, Beau also shared that the “gears are turning” in Matty’s head, saying, “He’s not just standing idle.”

Okay, so here’s what we’ve gathered from talking to Beau and Ashley: Matty and Jenna’s love is not dead, and, hopefully, Matty will wake up and smell the crazy coffee that Eva is brewing — and land right back in Jenna’s arms where he belongs.

Fingers crossed!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Matty and Jenna belong together? Do you think they will rekindle their romance again in season four? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox

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