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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle’s Mom Claims That Jace, 4, Is Bi-Polar

Wed, September 3, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 21 Comments

On the explosive Sept. 3 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Jenelle gets into a huge fight with her mom, Barbara, over Jace’s recent bad behavior. When Barbara reveals that she thinks he is bi-polar, Jenelle completely loses it and leaves with her son. Yikes.

Jenelle Evans, 22, is having a hard time watching her first son, Jace, 4, struggle while living with his grandmother, Barbara Evans. On this all-new episode, things finally come to a head when Jenelle and her mom get into a heated argument over her son’s behavior. When the screaming match between them escalates to the place of no return, Barbara kicks Jenelle and Jace out of the house. Is this the beginning of Jenelle getting custody of her son back?

Jenelle & Barbara Fight Over Jace Potentially Being Bi-Polar

This week’s episode begins with something very important: Nathan and Barbara having a one-on-one about their big blowout. As Nathan says, repeatedly, they are both “adults,” so it’s nice to see that they can smooth things out so quickly. They both just want the best for Jenelle and her boys, so they should learn to work together rather than against each other.

Once things have calmed down with everyone, Jenelle decides that she and Barbara should spend some time together. They leave Jace and his cousin, Gabrielle, with Nathan for the day and then decide to spend an entire day at the spa. Not only do they get facials and massages, they also get manicures and pedicures.

While they are together, Barbara discusses Jace’s bad behavior which leads Jenelle to finally mentioning that she hopes after Kaiser is born she can have custody of Jace again. Barbara seems open to the idea and even mentions that Jenelle has seriously turned her life around, but she also expresses concern about Jenelle’s fights with Nathan. Can’t blame her for that since Nathan and Jenelle seem to be bumping heads, even with their baby just a few weeks away from arriving.

Later in the episode, Jenelle comes over to pick up Jace for the weekend and Barbara is completely overwhelmed by his bad behavior. When Jenelle and Barbara get into a fight over Jace’s behavior, Barbara reveals that she thinks Jace is bi-polar. Interestingly enough, she also accuses Jenelle of being bi-polar. Jenelle denies it and tells Barbara to call her doctor, but that just makes things worse.

The explosive fight results in Barbara telling Jenelle to take Jace and get out of her house. I can’t help but wonder if Jace will be back in Jenelle’s custody by the end of this season.

Throughout all of this, Jenelle gets some REALLY good news. Her divorce from Courtland Rogers is official, and she now has her legal name back. Congrats, Jenelle!

Leah Takes Corey To Court For Child Support & Health Insurance Rights

As if the drama between Jenelle and her mom wasn’t enough, Leah surprises everyone when she decides to take legal action against her ex, Corey Simms, to get the rights to controlling their health insurance. Interestingly enough, Leah also demands more child support.

Corey is obviously not happy about this, but it is no secret that Leah and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, have been really unhappy with Corey controlling Ali’s health insurance. She still doesn’t have the wheelchair she needs to get around, and Corey has not been keeping on top of the health insurance to make sure it is in the process of being approved.

However, Jeremy is really happy that Leah finally took Corey back to court to work on their child support.

Kailyn’s Husband Finally Comes Home After Being Away For A Month

In much happier news, Javi Marroquin finally returns home to his wife, Kailyn, and the boys, Isaac, 4, and Lincoln.

Just before leaving the house to pick up Javi, Kailyn deals with the both of the boys having their own major breakdowns at the very same time. Once things calm down Kailyn realizes she survived it without losing her cool, and she’s pretty proud of herself. You go, Kail! Thankfully, now that Javi is back she will have an extra hand or two helping her out when the boys get all crazy like that.

When Kailyn picks up Javi at the airport both boys are fast asleep in the backseat, but they wake up on the ride home. When Isaac wakes up the first thing he does is say, “Javi, I made you a sign!” Then he tells Javi that he and Lincoln love him, which is really, really sweet. They have such an amazing relationship!

Chelsea Takes A Vacation While Adam Introduces Aubree To His New Girl

There is still a lot of animosity between Chelsea and her ex, Adam Lind, but when he takes their daughter, Aubree, for the weekend she happily plans some quality time with her friends.

During her weekend with her daddy, Aubree gets to spend time with her baby sister, Paislee, and Adam’s new girlfriend. Yes, that’s right, he kicked Paislee’s mom, Taylor Halbur, to the curb and has a new blonde girl in tow.

The new girl seems to do really well with the girls, but what’s more important is that Adam is finally spending some quality time with his daughters instead of getting in trouble again. Even Adam’s friends are happy to see him bonding with his two girls when they all take a group trip to the zoo.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and her friends enjoy their weekend at the Houska family cabin. While fishing, they even talk about their “dream” boyfriends. That’s when Chelsea admits she isn’t sure she’s ready to give up spending time with Aubree just to date someone. Even though that makes her a really good mom, it might be nice for Chelsea to have a new man in her life to worry about.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Jenelle is going to get custody of Jace again? Do you think Leah was right taking Corey back to court? Let us know your thoughts on the new episode in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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