‘KUWTK': Kourtney Kardashian Lied To Scott Disick About Being Pregnant

Sun, August 31, 2014 10:30pm EST by 15 Comments

Kourtney tells Scott that she’s pregnant on the Aug. 31 two-part finale of ‘KUWTK!’ But there’s more than just the exciting news that we end up finding out during this explosive episode!

Kourtney Kardashian has some very exciting news, she’s pregnant with her third child! We were actually really shocked how she told Scott Disick, she literally just sat there on the floor and casually dropped the baby news.

‘KUWTK': Did Kourtney Kardashian Lie About Being Pregnant?

When Kourtney tells Scott, he flips out because it turns out Kourtney has known for weeks that she was pregnant.

Scott is incredibly hurt because he feels like Kourtney keeps “suckering” him into having kids. Scott goes on to say that three kids is a big responsibility and he’s not ready for something like that.

Then he goes to Mexico and totally disappears! Kourtney is freaking out worried when she can’t reach him! It definitely sounds like he has some growing up to do before they have another baby!

‘KUWTK’ Wedding — Kim Kardashian Refuses To Invite Brody Jenner’s GF

Also on the episode, Kim Kardashian tells Bruce Jenner that Brody can’t bring his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter to her wedding.

We totally understand that it’s a private affair and Kim has to be very selective about who she invites but it’s her step-brother! We were definitely shocked that she didn’t even tell Brody himself and first told Bruce.

We now understand why Brody didn’t even go to Kim’s wedding, we would have skipped it too! It seems like there’s a big communication issue in their family that needs to be worked out, don’t you agree?

The second part of the two-part finale airs Sept. 1 on E!

HollywoodLifers, should Kourtney have told Scott that she was pregnant when she first found out about it?

– Chloe Melas

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harga hp

Posted at 12:41 PM on September 28, 2014  

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Posted at 9:05 AM on September 14, 2014  

I hope that scott gets his demons under control since they could think of this new baby ,as a gift from God and his parents. They sent them this 3rd baby as a way to help Scott to heal that them from above. I think that God with a little help his parents to one have scott to move on from loding his parent and that this baby could be named after one ofthem. And to start the feeling of love sent from above to help him heal

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Posted at 6:41 PM on September 19, 2014  

God does not condone fornication and illegitimate children .He loves them but without marriage it is an illegal baby. . If they really cared about their children they would get married. kourtney was dishonest and tricked Scott into another baby. He says that she only sleeps with him on occasion and he sleeps alone most of the time. She uses him as a sperm donor.Time he wore the pants and not her. Another baby is NOT the answer….Honor and truthfulness is. I feel bad for the new baby …I hope Scott smartens up like Bruce did and refuses to be controlled by a jezebel controlling spirit.

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Posted at 8:51 AM on September 14, 2014  

maybe that book get this you baby being to help with christian thinking everything and into his life and a great he is maybe hey craig name is kyle easy is there a baby girl apple

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Posted at 2:52 PM on September 12, 2014  

Kourtney is a control freak just like the mother and will lose Scott just as Chris lost Bruce! Selfish self centered spoiled brats who have never been discipled.What if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Gods question to mankind. The kardashians are a vile vulgar and pathetic family . The pope younger girls are rotten to the core……disrespectful and rude and totally Narcisstic. They have no morals or values. Kim by not inviting Brody’s girlfriend is so cruel…He is family and should have been invited. I looked at her white gown and veil which is supposed to mean that the bride is a virgin… Hahahahahah…NOT! Just wait awhile. This marriage will end also because of selfishness. just wait and see. poor Bruce and Scott!!!!! They allowed themselves to be victims of abuse. Totally stripped of manhood,

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Posted at 6:26 PM on September 1, 2014  

Kourtney has controlled Scott’s whole life and by the time Scott is 40 he won’t care at all what Kourtney thinks about the things he does. Scott even mention how he wanted to go to the Hamptons in the summer to visit his parents and Kourtney want to go.

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Posted at 3:23 PM on September 1, 2014  

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Posted at 12:20 PM on September 1, 2014  

Purpose to Reality Teevee…To air ones dirty laundry…and these people are all for it as long as the money rolls in…at one time airing out ones DIRTY LAUNDRY was considered SHAMEFUL…

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Posted at 11:26 AM on September 1, 2014  

Are they not aware of what causes babies? Why isn’t she on the pill or he have a vasectomy? I personally think she just likes to be pregnant–makes her feel as if she has a purpose.

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Posted at 10:53 AM on September 1, 2014  

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Lisa J. Smith (@Lisateenwolf)

Posted at 8:16 AM on September 1, 2014  

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Posted at 5:58 AM on September 1, 2014  

Both Scott and Kourtney need to grow up … what the heck did they both expect … they both game play each other. Kourtney should have discussed having more children with Scott, rather than backing him into a corner and springing the pregnancy on him that way. Scott also needs to grow some balls and stand up to her, once and for all, and tell Kourtney he’s not going to put up with her crap. Either way, they both made their beds, and they have to lie in them … what a miserable pair these two make, along with a miserable existence. Good luck for the next few years … you’re both going to need it!!!

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jessica Al-sayed

Posted at 5:14 AM on September 1, 2014  

A child is a blessing is good to have children But both should be noted even with money taking care of a child is not easy not an easy one Courtney don’t be self fish easy easy scort it as happened don’t worry things will be good you guys should stay blessed.

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Posted at 3:11 AM on September 1, 2014  

Knock it off about Scott “needing some growing up to do” regarding having more children. The reason he’s freaking out is because THE BABY IS PROBABLY NOT HIS. Kourtney probably sleeps around. She sure acts like it. Why else wouldn’t she tell him? Think about it.

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Posted at 11:34 PM on August 31, 2014  

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