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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Nathan Accuses Jenelle’s Mom Of Being An Alcoholic

Wed, August 27, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

Just when it looked like things were getting better for Jenelle and Nathan, the drama hit the fan once again when her mom, Barbara, intervened in their relationship. Yikes!

On the Aug. 27 episode of Teen Mom 2, 22-year-old Jenelle Evans‘ boyfriend Nathan Griffith gets into another huge fight with her mom, Barbara Evans — and yes, sadly Jace Evans, 4, is there to witness it all. Meanwhile, Leah Messer‘s ex Corey Simms finally gets involved with 4-year-old Ali Simms‘ wheelchair only to find out it’s not working properly. Kailyn Lowry‘s estranged mom, Suzi, takes everyone by surprise when she becomes a helping hand with the two boys, Isaac Rivera and newborn baby Lincoln Marroquin. Last but certainly not least, Chelsea Houska, 22, finds out through word-of-mouth that her ex, Adam Lind, was arrested while he was supposed to be spending time with their daughter, Aubree Lind, 4.

Jenelle’s Boyfriend & Nathan Get Into Another Major Fight

It’s almost time for baby Kaiser to arrive, so Jenelle and Nathan are spending time putting together a registry for her baby shower.

Once Barbara finds out what Nathan and Jenelle put on their registry, she starts a fight with them. Or, no, I should say she starts a fight with Nathan. Barbara tells them they don’t need a $300 stroller, and Nathan jokes that someone might actually buy it for them since it’s on their registry. That’s when Barbara snaps, telling Nathan he needs to “grow up” because “money doesn’t last forever.” Ouch.

Nathan reminds Barbara that she is not his mother, that he has his own mother, and that it’s disrespectful for her to tell another adult how to live their life. Barbara tells Nathan that if he continues drinking he’s going to ruin his life, and Jenelle’s life, and that’s when it happens — Nathan calls Barbara an alcoholic.

Jenelle desperately tries to get them to stop arguing, but the damage is already done. Barbara is screaming at Nathan, even as he leaves the house to get away from the drama.

After Nathan leaves, Barbara tells Jenelle that she is worried about her — especially the way that Nathan treats her and how they are always fighting.

Leah Lets Corey Take Ali’s Wheelchair For The Weekend

Corey finally takes Ali’s wheelchair, but unfortunately it’s not working too well. Corey thinks it needs to be charged, but while they are talking about it you can tell that Leah is annoyed he hasn’t followed up with his insurance about the pink wheelchair the doctor ordered.

When Corey and Miranda finally take the girls to the zoo, he doesn’t even bother to take Ali’s wheelchair. Instead, he decides he’s getting the girls strollers at the zoo. However, when Ali finds out that she’s going in a stroller, she tells Corey she wants her wheelchair. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that now and the girls don’t have a choice in the matter.

Despite not having a wheelchair, the girls actually do have a lot of fun at the zoo with Miranda and Corey which is cute to watch!

Once the girls are back in Leah’s care, she sits with her daughter Alleeah to talk about Ali’s condition. She tries to explain why Ali sometimes gets more attention than Alleeah, but it’s unclear whether or not the little one truly understands what her mom means.

Kailyn & Her Mom Suzi Bond Over The 2 Kids

It’s so nice to see Kailyn and her mom, Suzi, spending time together again.

Javi is still away for work, and Suzi is being super helpful with the kids which means Kailyn isn’t as stressed out trying to raise two small children by herself for a month. In fact, Kailyn thanks her mom for coming and helping her out which is very touching.

Since Kailyn is having issues with Lincoln nursing, Suzi stays behind to hang out with Isaac. The saddest thing ever happens when Suzi asks Isaac about Javi being away for work, because Isaac tells her: “Javi doesn’t care about us. He’s playing at the beach without us.” Clearly, Isaac does not understand that Javi is at work and feels abandoned by Javi. Suzi is stunned by this, and remains silent after Isaac’s confession.

Kailyn asks Isaac about what he told Suzi later that day, and he tells Kailyn that Javi doesn’t love them anymore. It’s heartbreaking to hear.

In hopes of changing Isaac’s opinion, Kailyn calls Javi on Facetime so that they can all have a chat about him being gone. Once Isaac feels reassured that Javi does, in fact, still love him, they say goodnight. Hopefully Javi comes back home soon!

Sadly, Suzi leaves at the end of the episode, but tells Kailyn that she doesn’t want there to be another long period of time before they see each other again.

Chelsea Finds Out Adam Was Arrested Again

Yikes. Chelsea is pissed, and rightfully so.

It turns out that Adam was arrested again on a weekend he was supposed to be spending with their daughter, Aubree. The worst part? No one even told Chelsea, especially Adam’s parents. When Chelsea confronts his parents about not telling her about Adam’s arrest, they get into a huge fight.

Now, Chelsea is threatening to interfere with Adam and his family’s visitation rights because she is concerned about Aubree’s safety in their care.

Chelsea turns to two of her girlfriends for advice on what to do about Adam’s latest arrest. She doesn’t seem to come to a decision, but she does figure out that she needs to discipline Aubree in a more appropriate way. After seeing how the kids behavior is graded at school every day, Chelsea makes a similar chart for them to use at home.

So what do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Nathan is right about Barbara? Do you think Kailyn’s mom will stick around? Let us know your thoughts on the latest episode in the comments below.

— Lauren Cox

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