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‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’: Do Critics Love The Sequel? — Reviews

Fri, August 22, 2014 12:35pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment
Sin City A Dame To Kill For Reviews
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This ‘Sin City’ sequel arrives in theaters nine years after the original, which begs the question — has too much time passed by? Are the returns of Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis enough to win over critics and fans alike? Find out! 

In Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, a sequel to the 2005 original film, Jessica Alba returns as Nancy Callahan. Her character was raped years ago — it’s a plot point that not only was focused upon in 2005’s Sin City, but is reiterated in this new entry in the franchise. Some viewers may feel that tactic is a form of recycling and it makes the movie seem dull, but others may feel the hot girls on screen make up for it. See what the critics are saying!

‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Reviews — Critics Don’t Love The Sequel

Critics have weighed in. See what they think below:


“But what was once groundbreaking is now arguably old-hat, and as several of the major players have moved on (Clive Owen is replaced by Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis only has a cameo, and Michael Madsen didn’t even bother to return), I would argue that all-but-the feverishly faithful have moved on too. I don’t have the exact budget this time around, but I cannot imagine that the sequel cost much more than the $40 million spent on the original.”

LA Times

“Like its forebear, ‘A Dame to Kill For’ is rendered in hyper-stylized black-and-white with occasional splashes of color. To create the ripped-from-the-page look, Rodriguez and Miller once again shot almost entirely against green screens and filled in the props and sets digitally. But while the process was revolutionary back in 2005, that’s no longer the case today. Films such as ‘Avatar,’ the ‘300’ movies (also based on Miller’s work) and ‘Gravity’ have also placed actors in striking digitally created environments.”

Rolling Stone

“But ‘meh’ is hardly the reaction you expect from a movie in which Eva Green and Jessica Alba shake their ta-tas and Mickey Rourke and Josh Brolin send souls screaming into hell. And this time they do it in 3-D. Fighters and femme fatales are the staples of Frank Miller’s just-famed graphic novels.”

Chicago Tribune

“I’m not sure what mood I’d have to be in to truly enjoy ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.’ But I’m not in it..”

This noir thriller feels a little flabby and self-satisfied when compared with the rough and angry 2005 original.”
What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will you be heading to the theater over the weekend to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill? Let us know!
Cara Munn

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