Nicholas Hoult ‘Bonded’ With Kristen Stewart After Jennifer Lawrence Split

Fri, August 22, 2014 9:30am EST by 113 Comments
Courtesy of Twitter/Getty

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Twilight leaked video bonuses

Posted at 9:43 AM on September 19, 2014  

Rare videos + pictures of The Twilight Sage are online now! :) Yup guys, SO exciting. :D Click my name & get them from the blog.

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Posted at 3:17 PM on August 31, 2014  

Kristen is a SKANK.

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Posted at 1:21 PM on August 26, 2014  

Is anyone else wondering if we will ever see Kristen and/or Robert again at a Hollywood awards show anytime soon? They both have had movies to promote during the past several events – and still, neither one attends.

Those awards shows are largely paparazzi & tabloid functions – so they don’t solicit invites nor do they attend if they are invited. Will we ever see them again? Maybe if/when they are ever nominated for anything important aside from ‘people’ awards. Rob & Kris do as little as they can for the papz – even if it means not showing up for one of their moneymaking bonanzas.

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Posted at 1:21 PM on August 26, 2014  

Did you miss the major career-hindering smear campaign they did against Robert using Twilight and his character of Edward Cullen? I know The Rover did ‘well enough’ for those of you who overly-love him. It could have (and was supposed to) do MUCH better. Why didn’t it?

With Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson (and their emotionally-invested fans) being hit with TWO major career-hindering smear campaigns over the past two years – Twilight and Anti-Twilight adults should take responsibility and put these lying tabloids and their paparazzi dogs in their place.

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Posted at 1:22 PM on August 26, 2014  

We have laws in the United States against cruel and unusual punishment. Why do we not care about the effects of cruel and unusual entertainment? No industry’s ‘livelihood’ should be at the harmful expense of anyone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. This is why we no longer do the ‘Roman Coliseum’ entertainment thing; abolished slavery (Kris & Rob are just well-paid indentured servants for the majority of you, aren’t they?); nor allow the legalization of violent, cash-oriented businesses like Child Trafficking or Dog Fighting.

SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale, Robert Pattinson’s latest career-hindering smear – along with the history of The Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions Stephenie Meyer accidentally-caused her divided fans and anti-fans (not to mention, the HATE she piled on her fans and Robert and Kristen from the rest of the world).

SIGN the PETITION to insist that Hollywood’s tabloids & paparazzi reform their own well-protected industry of celebrity mistreatment or brainstorm to figure out something else that will work.

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Margaret in the Pink UK/// ONE

Posted at 6:57 AM on August 27, 2014  

They didnt go often lets be honest neither of them they went when they had too
People are odd sometimes as for events hjow can Kristen attend shes working in Japan
She must have arranged during the filming of AU to have time off to fly to Canne for COSM
But will she fly back for Toronto who knows. Robs not workiing he should be able to go
He was asked to MTV and the KIDS one my dinlaw found that out via a pal in USA media
He didnt go I dont know if he was invited to the emmys? Or why hed go he doesnt do TV
Being fair Rob did Canne as did Kristen Rob did UK OK not for long the same as Ozz 3/4 days only
Kristen did Sundance went to Met Ball went to Canne but shes been filming almost non stop
Shes in Japan and then on to South Africa so dont know how she can do Events if shes working
Robs not and hasnt been since March but he evidently chooses not to go he did go to Canne
But he was invited to Sundance he chose not to go He was invited to Met Ball he chose not to go
Why should Rob or Kristen do anything for the PAPARAZI they were the ones that crucified them
They owe PAPS nothing why should they go anywhere just so PAPS get piccies and get money
Money making Bonanzas come on He did promote Rover OK he didnt look happy doing it
Kristen promoted COSM in Canne and seemed happy so far thats all shes done promotion COSM
But she is working IM sure she will do some more Promos for COSM IM seeing it in Paris in Sept
Rob well hes Rob hes never liked stuff and doesnt maybe feel the need Ive said it before
I didnt read any smear campaig most critics adored it@him in it IT didnt do better IMO for myriad reasons it was very dark@violent an adult small budget film with little dialogue in it
Sadly it didnt pull the punters in and it was heavily advertised BUT when t was said A24 distributer
Small company they distribute12 films a year max@none have had a hit only started Sept 2012 Crons films NEVER do well its a fact and film goers know that they want different films
Films like SCIFI or even little films like 100ft with Helen Mirren THATS why CXRAY is a flop
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are actors on a silver screen its their job not their life

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Alucard Stone

Posted at 2:48 AM on September 3, 2014  

Is this how you learned to write in school? At first I was trying to find out if you were just pasting song lyrics. I get the lazy no punctuation, but why the crazy line returns?

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Posted at 10:54 PM on August 25, 2014  

I love bonding with men!

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