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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle Finally Gets Divorced From Courtland

Wed, August 20, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments

Free at last! That’s right, we finally got a behind-the-scenes look at Jenelle’s divorce from her troublesome ex Courtland on the latest episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

On the Aug. 20 episode of Teen Mom 2Jenelle Evans, 22, files for divorce from her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers. They have finally been legally separated for a year, so Jenelle is hoping to break ties and move on for good. In other news, Leah Messer, 22, is still struggling with her ex, Corey Simms, and his denial as far as their 4-year-old daughter, Ali‘s, muscular dystrophy and need for a wheelchair. Chelsea Houska, 22, finally gets to work now that she has officially been licensed, and Kailyn Lowry, 22, invites Isaac’s father and her ex, Jo Rivera, and his new girlfriend, Vee, into her and her husband Javi Marroquin‘s new home.

Jenelle & Courtland Start Divorce Preceedings

Okay, so, obviously we all know that Jenelle and Courtland finalized their divorce in June 2014.

However, on the Aug. 20 episode of TM2, we finally get an insiders look at how it all went down — and boy, did it go down!

When Jenelle first meets with her lawyer, she brings along her entire entourage. This obviously includes scene-stealer Babs Evans, and Jenelle’s live-in boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. The meeting goes very smoothly, and they all receive extremely good news: as long as Courtland doesn’t fight the divorce complaint, they should no problem making it official.

One concern Jenelle has is her unborn baby. She believes that because Courtland is legally recognized as her husband, he could have rights to her baby — even though the baby does not belong to him. That would be devastating news for Jenelle, because she and Nathan are so excited to welcome their little guy, Kaiser, and if Courtland intervenes with his arrival… well, it probably wouldn’t end well.

Thankfully, Jenelle’s lawyer tells her that the only way Courtland would be able to claim rights to her unborn baby would be if she took a paternity test proving it was his. Obviously the baby is not Courtland’s, which is why he did not protest the divorce or try claiming any rights to her unborn baby.

Congrats, Jenelle!

Leah Thinks Corey Needs To Try Harder With Ali

Something that seems to be a reoccurring theme with Leah and Corey is that he still appears to be hesitant in accepting Ali’s condition.

Things finally change during the Aug. 20 episode though when Corey calls Leah before picking up the girls for the weekend and asks if he can also take Ali’s wheelchair because he is planning a trip to the zoo. When Leah hears this she is not only relieved, but even a little excited to know that Corey seems to be open to the idea of letting Ali have a wheelchair.

For Leah, it’s more important that Ali conserves her energy and muscle tone so that she can be a normal kid. Leah wants Ali to be able to play on the playground, and join Aleeah in gymnastics, and Corey thinks that she might end up relying on the wheelchair permanently.

Either way, Corey is at least trying. This is all Leah really wanted, and she discusses it with her husband, Jeremy, after her conversation with Corey.

During their discussion, Jeremy seems really upset with Corey because his “lax” attitude about Ali’s wheelchair situation has left her without the one she needs. Jeremy tells Leah that if it were his insurance, he would be calling everyday trying to get the chair approved so that his little girl could have what she needs.

Hopefully, the more Corey lets Ali use the wheelchair during his time with the girls, the more he’ll realize that it’s a good thing for her to have.

Kailyn Invites Jo & Vee Over After Isaac’s Art Show

Even though Kailyn is still struggling with having the two boys 24/7 while Javi is in Texas for training, she is definitely making due and getting adjusted to being alone as best she can.

When Javi calls to check in, she tells him that she’s having trouble nursing baby Lincoln — who, by the way, is the cutest baby in the world. Apparently, Lincoln is not latching onto her nipple properly while feeding which is making nursing very painful for her, so she’s hoping to see a doctor with him soon.

During the Facetime conversation, Kailyn also tells Javi that Isaac has an art show coming up — and that Jo and his girlfriend, Vee, are driving out so that they can all go together as a family. Even better? Kailyn as invited Jo and Vee to the house after the art show so that they can see where Isaac lives, and maybe spend some quality time together.

Javi is sad that he can’t be there with the family for Isaac’s art show, but he is impressed that Kailyn is taking so many steps towards bonding with Jo and Vee. It’s really in Isaac’s best interest that they all get along, so the more they spend time together and the more they get to know each other and work on co-parenting, the better.

Chelsea Finally Gets Back To Work

As you may remember from last week’s episode, Chelsea finally received her aesthetician license. You know what that means? She can finally go back to work!

When Chelsea returns to the spa/salon she was apprenticing in while she was still a student, she finds her license framed on the wall with the rest of the employees. Yes, she’s official now!

Chelsea is thrilled to be working again, especially as a professional aesthetician after all of that legal drama she faced just because she helped do makeup at a wedding before being licensed.

Even though things are finally going as planned in her career, Chelsea is still extremely frustrated with Adam’s lack of effort with their daughter, Aubree. She is also still really concerned about how his car accident and the charges he is facing could affect their custody agreement, because she refuses to bring Aubree to visit him in a jail. Honestly, can anyone blame her for that?

What did YOU think about this new episode of Teen Mom 2? Are you happy to see Jenelle and Courtland get divorced? Do you think Corey is finally coming to terms with Ali’s condition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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