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Rush Limbaugh Slammed For Dissing Robin Williams After Suicide

Thu, August 14, 2014 4:43pm EDT by 97 Comments

Rush Limbaugh is facing a major backlash after he had the nerve to suggest that Robin Williams took his own life because he had an ‘angry’ and pessimistic ‘leftist’ attitude. Now the radio show host is trying to defend his shocking attack on the beloved late actor and comedian, claiming that ‘the leftist media’ is unfairly ‘twisting’ his words.

Rush Limbaugh, 63, outraged fans when he implied on his talk show on Aug. 12 that Robin Williams had committed suicide because he had a pessimistic “leftist’s worldview.” Now Rush is defending his appalling comments, which he claims have been taken out of context.

Rush Limbaugh On Robin Williams Death: Host Clarifies Controversial Comments

Rush attempted to explain his contentious remarks about Robin’s death during a long segment on his talk show on Aug. 14.

“What the left, and particularly the leftist media, is attempting to do in twisting my comments about the Robin Williams suicide yesterday cannot go unnoticed,” he said.

He went on to accuse the media of taking his words out of context and “glorifying” Robin’s death, adding: “What I did was analyze the coverage, which is what I do every day on this program, is analyze who the left is. I didn’t presume to know why Robin Williams committed suicide. I didn’t know yesterday, and I don’t know today. But they do. They claim to know.  All these people giving me the business claim they know why. And it was that that I was analyzing.”

He then played a clip of his initial remarks on Robin, and said:

“Now, all of that — all of that – is repeating what media said … None of it was characterizing what Robin Williams did or said because I don’t know, and neither do they. They were the ones offering the excuses, the reasons. They were the ones wringing their hands and lamenting how sad and unfortunate it was.”

Rush Limbaugh On Robin Williams’ Death: ‘Leftists Are Never Happy’

While discussing Robin’s passing during his radio show on Aug. 12, Rush spoke at length about the “leftist” attitude, saying of the acclaimed actor and comedian: “He had everything, everything that you would think would make you happy. But it didn’t. Now, what’s the left’s worldview in general? What is it? If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist’s worldview, it’s one of pessimism and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy are they? They’re always angry about something. Not matter what they get, they’re always angry.”

Rush then referenced a Fox News story that suggested that Robin had committed suicide because he was not happy with his career and he was having financial troubles.

“He had it all but he had nothing. Made everybody else laugh but was miserable inside,” Rush said of Robin. “I mean, it fits a certain picture or a certain image that the left has. Talk about low expectations and general unhappiness and so forth.”

Rush also mentioned another report that claimed Robin felt “survivor’s guilt” after the deaths of his close friends Christopher Reeve, John Belushi and Andy Kaufman.

“He could never get over the guilt that they died and he didn’t,” Rush said. “Well, that is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists when judging the country.”

So HollywoodLifers, what do YOU think of Rush’s comments about Robin’s death? Do you think they’re out of line or is he just misunderstood? Let us know.

— Tierney McAfee

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