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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jenelle’s Boyfriend Gets Early Jail Release

Wed, August 13, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments

Talk about a surprise! On this episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Nathan tells Jenelle that he will be coming home from jail early. Meanwhile, Kailyn is left wrangling two kids all by herself when Javi leaves for training.

On the Aug. 13 episode of Teen Mom 2, things feel like they are going full speed ahead on an emotional roller coaster. While Jenelle Evans, 22, receives surprisingly good news from her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, 26, things for Kailyn Lowry, 22, are not going as she originally planned. Will she be able to handle her two kids — newborn Lincoln and Isaac, 4 — all by herself for an entire month?

Nathan Gets Out Of Jail Early For Good Behavior

At the very beginning of the Aug. 13 episode, Jenelle finally get some good news: Nathan is coming home early!

He was originally supposed to do a month behind bars, but because of his good behavior and the fact that he is working in the kitchen at the prison, he will be released early. During the phone call, Nathan says some really touching things to Jenelle — things she definitely deserved to hear. Nathan tells Jenelle that being away from her really taught him that he needs to treat her better, and that he can’t wait to come home and see her and her son, Jace, and then start their family together when Kaiser arrives. It is so sweet that Nathan has had time to reflect on their relationship while in jail, and hopefully things really will be better once he gets home.

As always, Barbara provides some realistic insight into Jenelle and Nathan’s relationship. Even though Jenelle is clearly optimistic about Nathan changing his ways when he finally gets out of jail, Barbara is concerned that it’s only a matter of time before he goes back to drinking — and, worse, driving. Jenelle is eager to give him a chance though, and it’s nice to see that Barbara and Jenelle can have conversations like these now and not immediately start screaming at each other.

Jenelle picks up Nathan from jail on his 11th day, which is 19 days earlier than he was sentenced. When Nathan sees Jenelle waiting for him in the parking lot he starts running, and then carefully hugs her and her pregnant belly. There are tears as they are reunited, and then in the car ride home Nathan says he can’t wait to cuddle her every night until they die in each others arms old and grey — just like The Notebook!

Chelsea Is Stressed Out Over Adam’s Reckless Behavior

Chelsea’s ex and Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, had a preliminary hearing for his horrific car accident. Her father, Randy, informs her that Adam has plead not guilty to his charges which means his case will now go to trail with a jury. Chelsea is concerned about what this means for her custody agreement, but no one will know until the trial starts.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is still fighting for her aesthetics license. She finally heard back from the board, and now she has to have a meeting with them about allegedly being paid for doing makeup at a wedding while she did not have her license. It’s really important that Chelsea gets her license, because in the meantime she can’t work — and if she can’t work, she can’t support Aubree.

Chelsea has to drive four hours to the board’s office, but it ends up being totally worth it — because she leaves with her esthetics license! Finally!

Leah & Jeremy Are Getting Along Again

After Leah and Jeremy had their big blowout on the previous episode, she managed to finally sell some of the makeup she spent their money on. This is great to hear, because Jeremy was really concerned about the amount of money she had been putting out, and now hopefully they will stop fighting about their finances.

In other news, Leah is still having trouble getting Ali her wheelchair. The insurance has everything they need, but now they are saying that she isn’t old enough to have a motorized chair. Because of this, Ali has to be recorded using the wheelchair at the doctor office so that the insurance company can see that she knows how to use it and that it’s not a problem for her to drive it.

Thankfully, one of the wheelchair trainers that Ali has been working with told Leah that he has a temporary chair for her to use. Leah is really happy about this, because she is very concerned that Ali is going to start falling more often if she doesn’t get to use a wheelchair soon.

Kailyn Says Goodbye To Javi For A Month

It’s finally time for Javi to leave for training for a month, which means Kailyn will be on her own with the two kids. As Javi is packing, Kailyn is cracking jokes about him leaving her behind without any help, but it seems like it’s a cover up to keep her from showing that she is upset. This is the first time that Javi is going to be away since Lincoln was born, so obviously Kailyn is going to have her hands full with both kids.

One person who is taking Javi’s departure very difficult is Isaac. Even though Javi is not his father, their bond is particularly special since they live together. While Javi is packing his bags Isaac becomes hysterical, and it is only Javi who can soothe him. It’s sweet that they are so close, isn’t it?

A few days after Javi leaves the stress takes it’s toll on Kailyn. She is spending nights up with both kids, plus the dogs, not to mention she has to drive 6 hours round-trip to drop Isaac off at Jo’s. Hopefully this month alone goes by quickly so that Kailyn has Javi around to help her again.

Kailyn’s friends Kim and Becky stop by the house to hang out and give Kailyn some much needed one-on-one adult time. While they are sitting at the dining room chatting, Isaac comes into the room and starts interrupting them repeatedly. Kailyn asks him more than once to go play in the other room, and to stop being disruptive, but he just continues to act up until finally, Kailyn loses it. She picks Isaac up and carries him upstairs to his room where he will have to stay because he is being punished for not listening. It’s clear that her patience are worn thin, and she definitely needs a break from having the kids.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Nathan will keep his word to Jenelle? Do you think Ali is better off having a wheelchair? Let us know your thoughts on this episode below!

— Lauren Cox

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