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‘Chasing Life’: Midseason Finale Ends With ‘Life Or Death’ Cliffhanger

Tue, August 12, 2014 8:22pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 14 Comments

Get out your tissues. The ‘Chasing Life’ midseason finale, August 12, is bound to be a real tear-jerker. April enters chemo treatment, a certain someone comes back to surprise her. And the episode ends with a shocking moment that will come as a surprise to everyone. Read on for our full interview with actress Italia Ricci!

Chasing Life is one of the most emotional shows on television, and we love it. The rawness and realness of the series has made it one of the best summer shows, but we’ve gotta admit, it’s hard to get through an episode without shedding a tear! And the midseason finale is definitely no exception — the episode puts April (Italia Ricci) into a very dark place, thanks in part to a “life or death” cliffhanger…and it might have to do with Leo (Scott Michael Foster). Click to WATCH a sneak peek!

‘Chasing Life’ Midseason Finale: Dominic Is Back

April Carver enters chemo treatment on the August 12 episode of Chasing Life, and her hospital stay puts her into a different mindset than we’ve ever seen before.

“She thinks she is ready and she is not,” Italia Ricci tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She emotionally, physically, psychologically she starts to lose it. How strong she’s been throughout the season, it all comes crashing down. The whole episode feels like she is trying so hard to get to the surface for a breath of air and things keep happening to her that keep preventing her from doing that and she can’t catch a break.”

Luckily, April has plenty loved ones to support her during her treatment — her sister, mother, grandmother, friends and a certain someone that might surprise you: Dominic (Richard Brancatisano)! Her ex-boyfriend — or is he? — comes back (WATCH sneak peek clip above) to surprise her, but their reunion isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

“He thinks that this is all brand new and just happened,” Italia tells us, of April’s cancer, which she’s been hiding from him all season long. “So him and April discuss things and April comes clean about everything. You see how that affects their relationship with how selfish she’s been about trying to maintain this perfect image for him and how he feels about that, and whether or not they are going to work through it.”

April’s leukemia isn’t the only thing that could possible pull her and Dominic apart though — again. “Some other secrets get spilled that maybe force them together or viciously rip them a part,” Italia teases.

‘Chasing Life’ Cliffhanger: Is Leo Dead?

If you’ve been watching the season, you could probably guess what might pull them apart — Leo. So will he come in between her and Dominic once and for all?

“Actually, the triangle like explodes,” Italia confesses. “April literally has nothing left.”

You’ll have to tune in to find out if April comes clean to Dominic about her romp with Leo, but there’s another potential problem. Leo could be dead.

“Leo is life or death cliffhanger,” Italia reveals.

(We’re crying, too. Say it isn’t so!)

HollywoodLifers, do you really think that Leo could die? Should she be with Leo or is she meant for Dominic? Weigh down below with your thoughts!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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