Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks — The Truth Behind Their Split Revealed

Tue, August 5, 2014 7:40pm EST by 10 Comments

Ariana and Jai split again and has learned exactly why these two have decided to end their romance!

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks have broken up but this isn’t the first time. The couple have been hot and cold for quite some time but their latest break up stems from Jai’s immaturity, according to our source at

Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks — Truth Behind Their Split Revealed

They are over, again! A source close to the “Problem” singer told “Jai’s too immature for her. He was too self-involved also and yes, she’s a total workhorse. All she wants to do is make meaningful music, focus also on family and helping her mom and Nona get through her grandpa’s death.”


Ariana & Jai’s Breakup — Why It Happened

Ariana posted this message on Twitter which we think totally had to do with Jai!

You learn a lot about love, life & the ppl around you during a time of crisis. July was painful for many reasons but of all the personal loss I suffered last month, the loss of my grandfather, a true gentleman, was the only one that truly mattered. I thank my loves for being so in tune to what is good and right for me and my heart… I hope you will surround yourselves with people who will be there for you thru the bad times, not just the good. I thank everybody who was here for me when I needed them as the ones who weren’t really broke my heart. august is about to be a beautiful beautiful month. looking forward to all the good coming up… it’s the only thing we should focus on.

We think that perhaps he wasn’t there for her, July 22, when her grandfather passed away. In the midst of all of this, our News Editor, Emily Longeretta, broke the exclusive scoop during our HollywoodLife Says, that Ariana and Big Sean, although spotted together, are not dating. We debated whether Ariana should move on from Jai for good or take him back, but we were totally split on it!

HollywoodLifers, do you think they are over for good?

– Chloe Melas

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tanya maraj

Posted at 10:13 PM on September 25, 2014  

I don’t think jai brooks is the best guy for ariana, Arianna is a very cute girl..although jai is handsome too but he doesn’t fit with ariana at all..but since the two still loves doesn’t matter whether one is handsome or cute, it all about the love..ama big fan of I just always feel good from within whenever I’m with youariana and I love her so much no matter the choice is left to them..actually my mind was that justin bieber is the perfect match for u ARIANA!!!

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Katrina D.💜

Posted at 2:28 PM on January 3, 2015  

Your right Tanya,Ariana is bright ,but Jai is dark Ariana has the light and Jai has the Devel plus he has a tattoo

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Posted at 3:20 PM on August 6, 2014  

Are we seriously going to pretend we know even half the story.. tbh Jai hasn’t said much about this – I reckon because he’s not really the type that likes this kind of attention – so we don’t really know objectively how it went down. I just feel like people take Ariana’s side immediately because she was the first to talk/tweet about it, and she seems like a sweet innocent girl and is more famous.

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Posted at 4:27 PM on August 6, 2014  

Well, the facts are that Jai was in Mexico and Ariana was waiting four weeks for him to come to Florida, which is from Mexico not the other end of the world. So lets call his behaviour at least a little bit strange.

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Sierra Haynes

Posted at 8:26 AM on August 27, 2014  

it was his brother b. day

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Posted at 5:34 AM on August 6, 2014  

Jai is too young and too immature for Ariana. So it’s for both better that they split up. As such that is good for both their carreers.

However the issue has also made an other point clear: Ariana is making a total mess of her private life lately. She behaves like an oversexed bunnie running from guy to guy and falling instantly in love with every guy she works with. Next to that she is having feuds with many people (her father, boyfriends, female colleagues) that it’s very likely that it’s also partly her own fault. I realize that she’s under heavy pressure, that she lost her grandfather, that she has to deal with jealous collegues, that she is hated by fans of other stars, etc., but I still think she’s heading in the wrong direction. I’m afraid that if she doesn’t get things under control her private problems will sooner or later take a hugh toll on her carreer. It’s up to her management to guide her a little bit better (also in their own financial interest).

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Posted at 5:54 AM on August 6, 2014  

Good comment. I think Scooter Braun should have a good talk with \Ariana before things run out of control. She needs his help because she cannot handle things at the moment herself.

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The Truth

Posted at 2:19 AM on August 6, 2014  

I’m sure Jai was there for her just as much, or at he least tried to. Her pain of losing her grandfather may have made her push people away to grieve in peace. I understand it’s a tough time when you lose someone… My long time boyfriend broke up with ne earlier this year due to my mood swings and hatred towards others in life, but I’m working on that……. Anyway….. Jai is not bad and heartless as she makes him out to be. I bet he was trying to contact her to comfort her, but she wanted to be left alone and pushed him away as others too and instead stayed closer to her family and ignoring Jai. There are two sides to every story. Janoskianators and the Janoskians know the REAL Jai and we know too. Ariana meant the world to him from back to those pics of her he’d upload on his IG, which she never did until recently but just one time lol. He also wrote that long paragraph he first wrote after the last breakup he lost sleep over it all the while Ariana quickly got over him and tweeted all happy like all those months with Jai never happened. Then she quickly hooked up with Nathan which ended badly once she realized what she let go of. I’m glad Jariana is over, at first I had hope and thought Ariana would change, but Jai loved her too much and she wasn’t meeting him half way. He gave too much and now realized enough is enough. Kudos to Jai for walking away. I hope he never goes back to her all she cares about is looking good for the press while making others look bad to cover for herself. Nope, she hasn’t changed a bit. Follow me on Twitter @JessyKuhhh for a good Ariana / Jai discussion. Enlighten me. I’m also on Youtube too. /Jessykuhhh.

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Posted at 5:44 AM on August 6, 2014  

Sorry, but if my girlfriend didn’t show up when my grandfather died I would also kick her out instantly. I don’t think Jai did it un purpose, because he is so immature that he doesn’t yet understand these things. He is still a young boy, not ready for a serious relationship. So it’s better for both of them that this ends.

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alishia rai (@alishiakuarrai)

Posted at 8:04 PM on August 10, 2014  

alright so if ariana is busy with her own music and career then what about jai? u guys think its all his fault chill out for a min and hear me out jai is busy with his tour and his comedy video’s with his bro/best friends but mostly bro’s maybe he tried too meet her in flordia but he probaly trying to explain to that to her but she is just ignoring his words after her loss of her grandpa so dont blame this whole crisis on jai but i think ariana should be the one who should be supportive here 2 when everything is not about relationship like chill for the relationship a bit and focus on ur own life ariana i am not judging anybody here but this is jus total ( BS ) anyways i am taking jai’s side i just feel like he is getting accused for this and not ariana!

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