Khloe Kardashian Reveals: Lamar Odom Didn’t Care About Our Divorce

Sun, August 3, 2014 10:56pm EST by 5 Comments

Khloe dropped a major bombshell about her marriage to Lamar Odom, on the Aug. 3 episode of ‘KUWTK.’ HollywoodLifers, did you think Khloe and Lamar would ever divorce?

Khloe Kardashian can’t hide it anymore and she doesn’t want to. The reality star tells her family during their trip to Thailand, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that carrying the weight of her troubles with Lamar Odom has been overwhelming. She admits that she will always think about Lamar but when she thinks of the times he cheated on her, it makes her realize she needs to move on with her life.

Khloe Kardashian Reveals Lamar Odom Didn’t Care About Split

Khloe is talking about what it has been like going through her divorce and she gets emotional. Khloe tells Brody Jenner, that Lamar cheated on her with so many girls, that his secret finally got out.

Khloe says that after trying to hide it from her friends and family, she finally gave in and told Lamar what he wanted, that she would agree to a divorce. The worst part is that Khloe says when she told him it was over, he didn’t even flinch.
Khloe’s admission comes shortly after she told her family that she and Lamar were splitting up. Khloe says that she will always “worry” about Lamar but that she has to leave him behind. We feel so horrible for her but we’re glad she’s focusing on herself.

Khloe Feels Guilty About Rob Kardashian

Khloe isn’t only feeling sad about Lamar, she has been worries sick over her brother, Rob Kardashian‘s emotional issues.

“Rob has said, ‘Being in that house, it was so dark, and it made me do dark things.’ It gets to me, it makes me feel bad,” she said on a recent episode. “I definitely feel guilty, and I don’t care what anyone says. I was not there to protect Rob, I was not even there to protect myself.”

We hope that since Khloe is now dating French Montana, that she is happier than ever and moving forward with her life!

HollywoodLifers, did you think Khloe and Lamar would divorce?

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 2:17 PM on August 23, 2014  

Khloe sould not act like that , she married him after just met. Actually people told she was hurrying to marry . She used Lamar when was need , now she dumped him when does need him . All “K ” family tradition. Her mom Kris married old rich Robert K then dumped Robert for another more rich Bruce Jenner .All kids are follow fer food step

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Posted at 12:02 AM on August 9, 2014  

Come on she is f’……..French Montana, party hard and she is worry about Lamar Odom come on girl…we all are blind. You are not a victim. Leave Lamar Odom alone.

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Posted at 12:27 AM on September 4, 2014  

Well said!

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Posted at 11:51 AM on August 4, 2014  

Khloe, MOVED on a long time ago, just like Lamar Odom. Read between the scripted lines which are so fabricated and it is all for publicity,and for their business, for rotation. I can only say that even though even till this very day khloe, has Moved onto her new man, MONTEE, and she is still putting Lamar Odoms, name on BLAST. Why? I not sure but if a person read these storylines all khloe does these day is blame Lamar Odom, for everything. It is beginning to sound like an OLD story,that has been so PLAYED out big time. People are getting very BORED, of the Lamar Odom,storyline so please writers of the kards game. Please start getting some better writers to write you fabricated storys because the stories being printed are becoming very LAME. Why not expose the affair between Scott & Khloe,or Scott & Pimp mama kris? Who is to say no one really knows the truths of this wicked family ways behind closed doors,and when the two (khloe/scott)have gotten drunk together they probably does not even remember what all took place who knows just saying? The show is fake it needs some excitement, something more positive without all the lies. Khloe, knows the truth of everything that went down behind those closed doors,and why not do the right thing and expose herself as well. Stop trying to get this sympathy card from her so call fans, it makes her look really WEAK, ignorant if that man does not have any plans on getting back with her why hang on to dead weight. Oh, I forgot Lamar Odom, does not want a divorce, so why all of these storylines. Many women, falls in the same situation if not worse,like domestic violence, and all khloe does on a daily routine is continue to blast and blame Lamar, and not blame herself for her own actions. Khloe, needs to woman up and keep it real, it does not take this long to move on, for she has already shown the world who and what she is all about on a real note. The non real contract marriage was nothing but a mutual understanding that the two could more likely continue to date whomever they wanted,and when Lamar Odom, woke up and was tired he did not want to jump through all khloe’s, HOOPS, and continue to be controlled by Pimp mama kris jenner, who became upset because she wasn’t getting her 10%, from Lamar Odom. Now Lamar Odom, will be put on blast forever,by khloe, until she either finds herself another NBA/New rapper dude with more money other than MONTEE, who is only in it all for the storylines to get a PAYCHECK from pimp mama kris jenner. In my opinion, everything is nothing but a smoke screen so that the real truths will never be exposed, but I do believe that one day everything will be EXPOSED. Give it time, so in the meantime, I do wish all well and the best in their lives. Remember through all of their Lies, deceit, and whatever else GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING. No, I do not have to much time on my hands, but it would be nice to read something more positive from this wicked family, than all of their LIES they live by each day. PEACE!

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jessica Al-sayed

Posted at 8:00 AM on August 4, 2014  

Khole am please so sorry just take care of yourself and rob and pls khole watch the kind of guys you do things with your too pretty kind hearted you are a very sweet person to go through all this you have a pure heart God bless you khole.

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