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‘#RichKids Of Beverly Hills’ Premiere: Morgan & Brendan Fight

Fri, August 1, 2014 6:30pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister Add first Comment

The Rich Kids are back! Dorothy, Morgan, Roxy, Brendan, Jonny and new full-time cast member EJ Johnson are in the 90210 ready for more classy mayhem. Click to WATCH a sneak peek of the season premiere!

Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick have become one of reality TV’s favorite love-to-hate them couples, but it looks like there is some trouble in paradise on #RichKids of Beverly Hills. We hope these two work it out, but until then, keep reading to see the drama unfold!

‘#RichKids Of Beverly Hills’ Returns For More Drama

The kids are back for more parties, yachts and jet-setting, and there’s a new clique-member aboard! EJ Johnson, son of Magic Johnson, who appeared on Season 1 is now a full-timer, and he brings even more fabuluxe to Beverly Hills.

Why did he decide to sign on to hang out with these crazy kids? Well, EJ tells us that he’s been friends everyone for long that is just felt normal — and he’s just going to bring more craziness! Can we expect more drama, too?

“It’s not that it’s more drama,” Dorothy Wang EXCLUSIVELY tells “We’re just living our lives.”

So what makes you a rich kid? (And we mean, really rich.) Well, Morgan, Dorothy and EJ insist that it’s not the amount of money you have (yeah right!) but it’s all about the lifestyle. “Who are you seen with? Where do you travel? How do you travel?” EJ points out. Basically, if you’re not flying high in a private plane with the who’s who, you’re not welcome to hang out with the Rich Kids.

“If you have a daddy, you’re not rich,” Dorothy says. She clarifies: “I mean, a sugar daddy!”

Morgan & Brendan’s Major Fight On Season 2 Premiere

While filming Season 2, Morgan and Brendan were spotted in a heated fight on set, as previously reported on, so we had to ask Morgan how her and her boyfriend were doing. Morgan wouldn’t slip up, and told us we’d have to wait and see, and if this sneak peek (watch above) is any indication, there is definitely trouble in paradise.

Morgan is upset to find out that Brendan is going into the office on a Saturday because she wants to spend some couples’ time together.

“That’s irrelevant. I don’t care what day of the week it is. I have work to do,” says Brendan.

“I understand that, but don’t you think that we should spend some time together,” asks Morgan. “I wanted to like go to brunch and like maybe have a cocktail at brunch and then maybe trickle into Barney’s or like maybe do things that like normal couples do on their Saturday. Together!”

Morgan points out the “tension” and that “something needs to change,” but Brendan tells her that he’s working hard for their life together: “The only reason work is a priority is to take care of you and I…I’m not the wrong one here. You’re the wrong one. There’s bills to pay. I can’t just magically swipe a credit card.”

Morgan responds, “I understand providing, but you can provide Monday through f**king Friday!”

Even if you’re wealthy, relationships are never easy!

#RichKids of Beverly Hills premieres on Sunday, August 3 (10/9c), followed by another new episode at 10:30/9:30c.

HollywoodLifers, whose side are you on — Brendan or Morgan? Let us know what you think about these kids!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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