Rihanna: Is She Jealous Of Beyonce & Jay Z’s Relationship?

She's been accused of causing a huge rift between Beyonce and Jay Z, but does Rihanna really want Jay Z? HollywoodLife.com has learned exclusive that whether or not she's actually jealous of the Queen Bey and Jay'z marriage. Rihanna's shaking her head at the accusations that she had an affair with Jay Z. In fact, sources close to RiRi tell HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that not only is she not hooking up with Beyonce's husband, she applauds the super A-List couple!

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Rihanna: Jealous Of Beyonce & Jay Z’s Marriage

Rihanna has sure had her share of problems as it relates to men. Her roller coaster of a relationship with Chris Brown clearly didn’t work out. Then there’s Drake, who bailed after telling her his music will always come before their relationship. Now wonder the 26-year-old Unapologetic artist is looking to Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship, wishing she could have a similar one of her own.

A source close to RiRi tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY the singer thinks HOV and Queen Bey are “a beautiful couple with a gorgeous daughter and are living their fabulous f**king lives.”

She also thinks “they’re a beautiful and a hella powerful couple,” the source continues. “They’ve got everything that anyone would want. A child. Illustrious careers. They love one another and they’re showing no signs of slowing down their empire. If anything, Rihanna admires that type of relationship they have and wants that kind of sh-t for herself.”

Rihanna Not Having An Affair With Jay Z

As HollywoodLife.com previously reported, our sources indicate Rihanna is not having an affair with the 44-year-old rapper. She actually thinks of him as a mentor whom she thanks for helping her get her career started.

“Jay is like a father figure to Rihanna,” the source explained. “Over the years, he’s helped groom her into the star she’s become and has been nothing but supportive of her and her career. That’s just it, nothing else.”

Do you think Bey and Jay will make it through the drama, HollywoodLifers? Will Rihanna find her dream man? What do you think?

— Eric Ray

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