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‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle’s Boyfriend Nathan Goes To Jail For 3rd DUI

Wed, July 30, 2014 11:00pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments

The July 30 episode ‘Teen Mom 2’ was filled with tears. While Jenelle was forced to say goodbye to Nathan when he turned himself in for a mandatory 30 day jail sentence, Kailyn and Jo’s new girlfriend, Vee, finally bury the hatchet.

A very pregnant Jenelle Evans, 22, watched Nathan Griffith, 26, be taken into custody as she worried about being alone while he served a mandatory jail sentence for his 3rd DUI. In happier news, Kailyn Lowry, 22, finally took the high road when it came to her son Isaac Rivera‘s father, Jo, and his new girlfriend, Vee, by planning a “sit down” to make amends with the couple.

‘Teen Mom 2’: Nathan Is Forced To Turn Himself In

Two days before Nathan was scheduled to go to jail, he and Jenelle went to a friend’s house for a barbecue. That’s where Jenelle told their friend Norm that she plans to spend time with friends and go to school while Nathan is in jail. However, she admitted that she was worried about his mental state — and how it could worsen while he was in jail. Norm then told Nathan that he has to do what needs to be done and then put it in the past because he has to man up and focus on his family now.

Good advice, Norm! Hopefully Nathan takes it.

With Nathan headed to jail soon, Jenelle became very emotional — something that was probably heightened by her concerns for him, and her pregnancy. The thought of being away from Nathan was what really freaked her out though. Nathan called Norm for advice and he told Nathan that he is Jenelle’s security blanket. Nathan needed to remind Jenelle that she will not be alone, and that his jail time is only temporary.

The day Nathan was scheduled to appear in court, he told Jenelle that he is worried about her and the more he thinks about it, the more anxiety he gets. At the courthouse, he asked his lawyer if there was any chance he could get 18 months of supervised or unsupervised probation instead.

Unfortunately, his lawyers told him that a 3rd DUI was a misdemeanor — and that there was absolutely no way he would get away with anything other than the mandatory jail time they had already given him.

UPDATE: Jenelle informed via Twitter that Nathan was not convicted for his 3rd DUI. Instead, the charges were dropped and he was convicted of driving with a suspended license. We have reached out to Nathan’s lawyer for double-confirmation.

Chelsea Meets With A Lawyer About Her Esthetics License Drama

As Chelsea Houska tried settling into her new home, she voiced her concerns about not working — a result of her esthetician license being put on hold.

Her dad, Randy, set up an appointment with a lawyer so that Chelsea could pursue her options as far as getting her license released. She did not think it was fair that she was being punished because people had said she was paid for doing a makeup job on social media, especially because it wasn’t true.

At the lawyer’s office Chelsea told her lawyer, Craig, that she knew the laws and she worked at the wedding to gain experience — not compensation.

The attorney for the esthetics commission sent the lawyer a file that contained posts about Chelsea from social media. Craig told Chelsea that the next step was to answer the commission’s concerns with a personal letter, cross her fingers, and wait.

In addition, he told Chelsea that it could take up to a month to receive her license — which stressed her out hardcore. Chelsea now has a house to worry about, and she can’t afford to not be working since she has full custody of her daughter, Aubree Lind.

Kailyn & Vee Finally Work Things Out For Isaac’s Sake

Kailyn called up Jo and asked why he did not show up to Isaac’s birthday party. Jo said that it was an awkward situation and he did not know if he was ready for it. Kailyn mentioned that she wanted to see Jo’s place and he said that she could. Before Kailyn hung up, she asked Jo for Vee’s phone number because she wanted to reach out to her.

Javi was shocked Kailyn wanted to bury the hatchet with Vee. Kailyn told him that she needs to be able to communicate with her without tension because it will benefit everyone. Meanwhile, Jo asked Vee how she felt about seeing Kailyn. Vee read a text from Kailyn that said Kailyn wanted to put the past behind them and she hoped that this would be a step in the right direction.

That night, Kailyn and Javi made the trek to Jo’s apartment. Kailyn was pleased with Isaac’s living situation and apologized to Jo for not making this happen sooner. After, the group went to dinner and Kailyn said that she has learned to accept that Vee is a part of Isaac’s life. Kailyn told Vee that she wished she was not stubborn so this could have happened sooner.

Leah’s Doctor Puts Her On Anti-Anxiety Meds

Leah Messer was prescribed anxiety medication by her doctor because of the stress she has been under with Ali. When she went to pick up the girls, Corey told Leah that the board still has not approved the wheelchair. Leah told Corey that she does not care how much it costs and they do not know how much pain Ali is in.

The next day, Leah called Ali’s physical therapist and asked her opinion on the wheelchair. The physical therapist said that it is not uncommon for the request to be denied. She added that Leah and Corey should look at the board’s rational and address each of their points. Then, Leah asked what to tell Ali when she asks about her disability. The physical therapist said that, in her opinion, if she asked a direct question then she deserved a direct answer at a level she will understand.

That night, Leah told Jeremy that she is worried that she has experienced side effects from the medication. She left like she has been slurring her words and she has been drowsy. Jeremy asked what he can do to help. Leah told him that he can support her.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Nathan having to turn himself in? Are you glad Kailyn and Vee buried the hatchet? Let us know your thoughts on the episode below!

— Stephanie Bray

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