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‘Game Of Crowns’ Recap: The Wives Compete For Charity

Mon, July 28, 2014 11:06pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment
Ms New England Pageant
Courtesy of Bravo

On the July 28 episode of ‘Game Of Crowns,’ the wives compete for charity in the Ms. New England State Pageant. Will competing for a good cause influence Vanassa, a breast cancer survivor, to compete again after being diagnosed?

Charity pageants differ from typical pageants, according to Susanna, who said: “Charity pageants can be taken less seriously because they are more about the charity and less about the competition.” To prepare for the big philanthropic day, Lori-ann saged her house, Leha got her hair done, Lynne got her hair dyed blue, and Susanna created a giant five foot tall box to collect her charity money. But what about Shelley and Vanassa, why don’t these pageant wives want to compete? Keep reading for our full recap to find out what happens at the Ms. New England State Pageant.

Ms. New England Pageant — ‘Game Of Crowns’ Recap: Vanassa’s Not Ready To Compete

Just three days before the pageant, Vanassa‘s husband, Brian, and daughter Tyah, 22, try to encourage Vanassa to compete for the Ms. New England title. Vanassa does not feel ready, and hasn’t since competing in Mrs. America 2012, because of her current breast cancer medication’s weight-gaining side effects.

Brian tells his wife, “I know you can do it, whatever it takes — if you need a new dress, we’ll get a new dress. If you need shoes, we’ll get shoes.” Vanassa responds to her husband: “I probably need a new pair of Louboutins.”

Tyah had her own words of encouragement: “You going up there and bringing awareness to a charity that YOU’RE choosing is reason enough to get on the stage. You have always told me ‘It’s more about being confident than being a size zero.'” And with that, Vanassa’s decision is made!

The Ms. New England State Rehearsal — A Shocking Surprise

While the ladies are 45 minutes into rehearsal for the Ms. New England State pageant, Lynne, Susanna, Leha, and Lori-ann are shocked to see Vanassa.

Not only were they surprised to see her there, but to see her come in late was even more shocking. Susanna blames favoritism and tells Lori-ann, “If Bella was late to a pageant, there would be points deducted,” referring to her daughters Little Ms. pageants. Lori-ann agrees and tells her that the same applies for fitness competitions, “If you’re not there, you’re disqualified.”

Susanna greets Vanassa and tells her she is surprised to see her. Vanassa explains that she decided last minute to be there for her charity, then adds, “I thought it would be a great opportunity to come here and beat you on stage. Sorry, I’m not sorry!”

Ms. New England State Pageant — Vanassa: ‘We’re Here To Win’

All the wives, minus Shelley, compete against each other at the Ms. New England State pageant. When Lynne asked Shelley why she doesn’t compete anymore, Shelley responded with, “I’d rather have fun with you guys.” Then goes on to say, “The only way to go after Mrs. America is down. How humiliating would that be if you didn’t win a pageant after winning Mrs. America?”

When the swimsuit portion comes up, Vanassa’s insecurities come out while in a bright red one piece: “I hate this part. It takes a lot of guts to get up there, as a breast cancer survivor, and know that I have a little bit of a [breast] deformity, and expose myself in a bathing suit for the world to see.”


At the end of the competition, there was no need for Vanassa to be worried, because as Vanassa said: “Who’s Ms. New England State, and who’s back stage eating the losers buffet?” That’s right, Vanassa took home the crown that night and said she was very proud of herself.

The Matching Jumpsuits Drama Returns At The Ms. New England State Pageant

Remember the fight at the airport over Vanassa and Susanna wearing the same jumpsuit? The stylist who dressed both girls, Anthony, was backstage at the pageant and stirring up drama. Anthony was upset because he tried to greet Vanassa, and was ignored by her. Susanna took matters into her own hands, and brought Anthony over to Vanassa. As Vanassa tried to explain her reasoning, Susanna interrupted and told Anthony he did not have to listen to her. The bickering between the girls was going nowhere, so Vanassa left the room to bring her husband in to speak to Anthony “man-to-man” to resolve the issue.

We have previously seen the drama that followed a husband getting overprotective of his wife at a pageant, so now we are left sitting on the edge of our seats to see what happens next week when Vanassa’s husband gets involved!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Vanassa’s husband Brian is going to be as aggressive as Nick was?

— Devin Beth Cohodas

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