‘True Blood’ Recap: The Cure For Hep-V Is Found In An Unlikely Source

Bill's Hep-V worsened by the second on the July 27 episode of 'True Blood.' Plus, what fan favorite, yet evil character is the cure for the vampire killing virus? Just when you think you've got your True Blood predictions in a row, then the show goes and drops a bombshell on you like the July 27 episode did. Bill's (Stephen Moyer) Hep-V took over, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) tried to break things off with Violet (Karolina Wydra) and a cure for Hep-V was discovered! We have your full recap right here!

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‘True Blood’ Recap: Let’s All Worry About Bill

Despite Eric’s (Alexander Skargard) hard fought attempt to finish off the rest of the Yakuza, the shady assassins capture Eric and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten). They had until dawn to spill on the location of Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) or they would “fried like an egg on the Texas asphalt.”

Meanwhile, at the Compton house, Bill was dealing with his deadly Hep-V status. Bill believed he was a true goner and started making plans for after his true death. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) overhead him talking about dying and was devastated, to say the least. Bill went to get treated for the virus, especially since his was such in an accelerated state. 

After James (Nathan Parsons) and Lafayette’s (Nelsan Ellis) car rendezvous, James didn’t really have a place to go. He showed up at Lafayette’s and asked if he could stay. Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) was shocked to see a (hot) vampire in the house, but James left Lafayette and Lettie Mae in peace after he let them drink his blood and get high.

Jason was a little hesitant about going back to Violet after he’d had a passionate love-making session with Jessica. When he walked through the door, Violet was waiting in some sexy lingerie. She wanted to show Jason just how much she “appreciated” him. Violet’s crazy eyes were running wild, it’s hard not to be mad at Jason for not noticing. 

‘True Blood’ Recap: Sarah Newlin — Wanted: Dead Or Dead

The Yakuza’s head guy, Mr. Gus Jr., showed up to talk to Eric and Pam. His signature product for making money was Tru Blood and he wanted to find Sarah ASAP. Eric wasn’t talking and Pam offered to spill if they took the silver chains off. A guy came up to her with a machete, so that was a no-go.

Pam asked Mr. Gus to give them his word that they wouldn’t kill them if they talked. He agreed and Eric wanted to be to kill Sarah. Mr. Gus wasn’t a huge fan of that idea. “I kill her,” Eric spat. “You can have the body.” Mr. Gus complied and Pam revealed Sarah’s location.

The girl who everyone wanted was just right around the corner in Texas! She broke into Amber’s house before being pinned down by her Hep-V-infected sister. As Amber was about to take a huge chunk out of Sarah’s neck, she threw up on Sarah’s back and passed out. (That was NOTHING like Anna Camp’s projectile vomiting in Pitch Perfect, but hey, it’s still vomit.)

Jessica was devastated over Bill’s sickness and called Jason about it. He left Violet’s bed (bad idea) and Jessica asked if he could go get Sookie (Anna Paquin). He was frantic to find some clothes and help Jessica. However, Violet overheard the whole thing and was livid about Jason choosing Jessica again. After that, she pretty much tore her place apart.

Jason went straight to Sookie, where she was still sleeping in Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) jacket. (Sigh.)

Over in young love territory, Adilyn (Bailey Noble) and Wade were making sweet love when Andy (Chris Bauer) caught them in the act! Like fathers do, Andy absolutely flipped and chased Wade outside. His fiancé Holly (Lauren Bowles) was upset at Andy’s reaction and took Wade’s naked butt home.

As Lettie Mae and Lafayette descended further into their dream sequence, they caught a glimpse of Tara (Rutina Wesley)! And, of course, they chased after her! (As we all would.)

The Stackhouse siblings showed up at Bill’s to learn more about Bill’s condition. Jessica said he was planning for after his dearth and revealed he was Hep-V positive. Sookie stood silently as she contemplated that she may have given Bill his death sentence. When did she think it went down? The night Alcide died she was sprayed with blood of the Hep-V vamps like Carrie at the prom and then Bill ended up drinking her blood! Sookie had to know and sped to the hospital to be tested.

‘True Blood’ Recap: The Deadly Strain

Arlene and Holly tried to go back to work at Merlotte’s, but realized that no one had cleaned up from the Hep-V vampire battle. “When sh*t happens Holly, you clean it up,” Arlene said. Someone put that on a bumper sticker.

Lafayette and Lettie Mae were still having visions of Tara, and Lettie Mae truly believed Tara was trying to tell her something. We’ll see where that goes.

As Sookie waited for the results, Sookie confessed that she could still sense Bill when he’s nearby. Jason revealed his current status with Violet and said he was a little scared. “Love shouldn’t make you scared,” Sookie said. “Not scared like that.” Amen to that.

Life’s not worth it to not spend it with someone you don’t love, Sookie detailed. Jason and Jessica forever! After Sookie’s pep talk, Jason was ready to tell Violet it was over.

Sookie realized she was infected with Hep-V as Bill’s conditioned worsened. He wanted to be able to leave Jessica his assets after he was gone. The only way that could happen was if he adopted her, which would take 5 months to a year or $10 million. Bill got 50 Shades of Fed Up with the lawyer and stabbed her for trying to extort him.

Andy and Holly decided to talk to Adilyn and Wade about their relationship, but when they arrived back home, Rocky said they were in love and wanted to be alone. Holly said she would gut him, so Rocky coughed up their location like a little guppy.

‘True Blood’ Recap: Let Me Heal You

Sookie broke the heartbreaking news to Jessica about infecting Bill and they cried in each other’s arms. They were still by each other’s side as Bill returned home. Don’t lose hope though, guys!

Back in Texas, Sarah was waiting on Amber when she awoke. Sarah wanted to stay with her and hide. Sarah pulled the ulimate pity party about how everything wasn’t her fault. “You made me sick,” Amber spat. “You made the whole world sick.”

Like the Sarah Newlin she is, Sarah said it wasn’t her and she had a plan.

Sarah said she was there to heal. There was an antidote and she drank it.

Every. Drop.

“This is our now,” Sarah said. “I am the antidote, sweetie. Let me heal you.” Um, hold up. WHAT?!?!

Sarah Newlin is the cure for Hep V. WHAT?!?!

The Yakuza and their brightly-colored cars showed up at Amber’s house. As Amber answered the door fully healed, she revealed that their was a cure to Eric & Co.!

Jason ran back to his house to break things off with Violet. Jason thought he was off the hook since she wasn’t there, but not so fast. Violet found Adilyn and Wade together in a treehouse. She put on a helluva act and convinced the naive lovebirds to come with her and leave their cell phones. “Who am I to stand in the way of true love,” she said.

Oh god.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s True Blood? Are you surprised Sarah Newlin is the cure for Hep-V? Will the cure reach Bill in time? Will Jason ever be free of Violet? Let me know your thoughts!

— Avery Thompson

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