‘Bachelorette: Men Tell All’: Farmer Chris Goes On Impromptu Speed Date

Season ten of 'The Bachelorette' is winding down, and it's definitely a heated night -- 'Men Tell All' gives all the guys to tell the truth about what went down on the season! Bring on the drama. From ultra sounds to cookie tosses, literally anything can (and does) happy on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All. On July 21, Andi Dorfman was brought on stage with almost every guy from season ten, with the exception of finalists Josh Murray and Nick Viall. So, who landed in the hot seats? And what made one audience member introduce one of Chris Harrison's interviews?

Men Tell All Recap
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‘Men Tell All’ Recap: Bachelorette Andi’s Men Come Clean

We knew a few things were going to go down. The three guys that Chris Harrison chose to take the hot seat was Marcus GroddMarquel Martin and of course, everyone’s favorite country boy, Chris Soules. However, they weren’t the only familiar faces. But we’ll get to them a little later.

Marquel was front in and center for quite some time — first, he was approached about the he-said she-said drama with JJ and Andrew, and basically got nowhere. Then he took the hot seat and admitted he felt like he went too slow. Luckily, he will get another chance on Bachelor in Paradise (which looks freaking insane). Oh, then he handed out half moon cookies to the audience. Swoon.

Next up, Marcus also took the hot seat to reveal just how in love he was with Andi. He called it “complete heartbreak,” not that we needed him to say it. We could see it in his eyes. However, he is also joining Bachelor in Paradise so we get to see him take another try at love.

As for everyone’s favorite, Chris Soules, talked to Chris Harrison all about hometown dates and how in love he was with Andi. It was definitely super emotional, and we were getting choked up — until a girl decided to interrupt from the audience. She came up and said she wanted to hang out with Chris (Soules, sorry Chris Harrison). It was time for commercial, so Chris Harrison let her stay there and talk to our favorite farmer for a “serious speed date.” Annoying or ballsy? I’m going with the second… and a little of the first, mixed with jealousy just because I’d never have the courage to do so.

So About That Lie Detector Test

After the guys took center stage, it was time for Andi to return. She didn’t really say anything surprising, just answered the guys’ questions respectfully. She also shot down all the rumors that she was pregnant. Phew!

We then got a peak at those lie-detector answers that Andi threw away from the guys. So, what’d we find out? Well, that Marcus, Dylan, and Josh were the three men who did lie. Marcus lied about sleeping with fewer than 20 women — jeesh. Chris Harrison asked him for his number, but Andi advised him not to answer! Dylan lied when he said he preferred brunettes over blondes and that he was ready for marriage. Ouch!

So, what were Josh’s two lies? Brian and Dylan said that she should trust him and not answer them and she agreed. I guess that means we’ll wait until the After the Final Rose, because you know that Chris Harrison will ask him what they were. And we’re dying to know, too. Hopefully it’s something like, he’s never dyed his hair or something.

The Return Of The Old & The New

We’ve got to say the oddest part of the night was the return of  J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert, the couple that came out of season seven of Bachelorette. So, they had an ultrasound. On stage. Belly jelly and all.

Oh, we also got a sneak peek of Bachelor In Paradise, which kicks off August 11. Sarah Herron, Michelle Money, Graham Bunn, and Chris Bukowski (AKA, Andi’s stalker) were all in the audience to promote the show.

However, we did enjoy the bloopers. What did you think of Men Tell All? Were you surprised by anything? Did you enjoy the show, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta

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